Short-A-Thon 2018 TBR (Blogmas #21)

Hi Blisses,

I had no plan of joining another reading challenge because my December is already full. But then, most of the books on my December TBR are shorties. I need to read another 15 books to finish my Goodreads Reading Challenge of 200 books so I need short books. And so so here I am, joining this brilliant reading challenge. 🙂shortathonbannerattempt1

Short-a-thon is hosted by Kathy and Destiny who I’m sure you guys already know but if not, it’s time to know them. 🙂 This readathon runs through Dec. 31 and the only rules are to have fun while tackling the shortest books in our TBR.

I’m only sharing 4 books but this may change as the days go on.

Hope I can tackle all these and more till Dec. 31. Wish me luck guys. Also if you want to join, though it officially started today, you can still join.

Let’s chat and read,


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