My Ideal Christmas Eve (Blogmas #24)

Hi Blisses,

Late post. I’m sorry, I was so busy yesterday I couldn’t find a moment to sit down and check my blog. This is the 24th post in my #Blogmas series and I’m thankful to everyone who have checked my posts. I love you guys and Happy Christmas.


Today, I’m sharing my ideal Christmas eve. Here in the Philippines, Christmas Eve is really a big deal. In fact in our house, the night before Jesus’ birthday is much busier than Christmas day itself. 25th is almost like an ordinary day except everyone is sleeping, if not out with friends. It’s because of the Noche Buena which I’m not sure if everyone knows about. In my house we usually do some partying on Christmas Eve, with games for both the kids and adults and stuffs, and plenty of foods and drinks so we stay awake till midnight. And then when midnight comes, that’s when we REALLY eat. Like sitting in a long huge table with the entire family. After that, giving gifts and opening them.

But I have an ideal Christmas Eve I wanna experience just once. You must understand I don’t want to do this every year coz I don’t want my family resent me. Also what I have in mind is a little unusual.

Things I Want to Have and Do on a Christmas Eve:

1.) To be alone.

I know, I know, this is not good. It’s Christmas after all. But my family always spend Christmas with relatives. It’s always crowded in our house whenever there’s an occasion. As an introvert and someone who just had a full year spent in her room, I can’t help but wonder what my Christmas would be if I’m alone. I love my family and relatives of course, but I get overwhelm with noise and mess and crowd. Just once I want to experience Christmas Eve with just me and Jesus. My plan is next year, I’ll rent my own place just for December and spend Christmas there. My family is already used to me doing weird things so this won’t surprise them. Haha.

2.) Have fried rice, whole grilled chicken, red wine, ice cream cake and hotdogs in sticks.

Really? Fried rice? Yes really. Unusual, I know. But I really, really love fried rice. It’s my comfort food. LOL. I eat it every day. I don’t mind whatever is in it as long as it’s fried rice. I also think I can finish a whole grilled chicken over night. I eat a lot, obviously. Deep-fried chicken works too. Hehe. Wine, of course. For dessert, I want some ice cream cake.

3.) Read a book.

While eating hotdogs and sipping wine, I want to read a book before the night ends. Maybe a book about Christianity or an inspiring one.

4.) Binge-watch an entire season of a TV show or movies

You know I can read an entire book in three hours so I still have plenty of time for watching whatever I want. I’ll be in my living room, sitting comfortably in my comfortable sofa, clutching a bowl of fried rice. I’ll be binge-eating hotdogs too and wine’s gonna be my beverage.

Aaaah!!! #GOALS

5.) A Video Documentation

This is a MUST. Of course I wanna record everything, including how I feel. Would I even like the experience? See, this is what I want to be answered. πŸ™‚

So what do you think? Is this even healthy? hehe… Just for one Christmas, I really wanna experience this, just for fun and out of curiosity.

Let’s chat…


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13 thoughts on “My Ideal Christmas Eve (Blogmas #24)

  1. Lili! Because of this post, I want you to try some of our special corndogs! There’s always corndogs in every celebration. It became a tradition and everyone would always look for it. You mentioning hotdogs made me wanna bring some to you (when we finally get the chance to meet up!). I think you’d enjoy it 😊

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    1. Erica aasahan ko yan… Hindi ko talaga kakalimutan. hehe.. seryoso.. pag nagkita tau dapat may dala kang corndogs…😁😁 I’m sure magugustuhan ko…Gagraduate ka diba? Maybe after ng grad mo, kita tayo..As a celebration para mabigyan din kita ng graduation gift.. hehe


  2. Your ideal xmas is very similar to mine! πŸ˜€
    I even like your menu, especially the ice cream!
    I’m actually alone right now. Were supposed to visit friends of the BF, but i’m not feeling well, so i skipped. Binge watching netflix and just finished a book. So all in all, it’s good πŸ˜€

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  3. If it makes you happy why not do it? Christmas Eve is when we get together w/my ohana. Christmas is a day of sleeping in and watching movies in our jammies.
    What do you put in your fried rice? Oh, and about wine, what kind of wine do you like? I don’t know much about it but when I get together with my friends, we usually order a bottle. At one place we had a really nice bottle that didn’t give me a headache the next day as sulfides in American wine usually do. Last month, I learned about a Mercedes Benz leveled wine called Alpha Omega. It was good. I bought a nice, expensive bottle for my mom for her recent 70th on recommendation from the BevMo lady.


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