Crooked Raven by Talis Jones (Book Review)

I received an e-copy from the author in exchange for an honest review, however, this doesn’t affect my opinions regarding the book.

39966396TITLE: Crooked Raven

BY: Talis Jones

SERIES: Otherworld #1

GENRE: Fantasy, Young Adult

PUBLICATION: June 26th 2018 by Talis Jones

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The Island of Oneiroi is not a mere destination for children and dreamers – it’s a sanctuary for the murdered and there they can seek vengeance. Adrianna Verdandi holds the cooling corpse of her foster brother, Geoffrey Martinez, when a curious stranger turns up with an invitation of passage to an impossible realm. Little did she know that accepting a second chance would bind their fates to the very darkness they flee from.

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This book is really fascinating. The plot is certainly original. Yes, I did feel a vibe of Peter Pan while
reading still the whole idea of Oneiroi as a detour to afterlife is really unique. When I first read the synopsis, I thought this series is very promising and I’m happy to say that it delivered. I was hooked the moment that mysterious stranger showed up to take Adrianna’s brother. More hooked when the term, ‘Whisper’ was mentioned and I knew by then I’m off to a great read and deep exploration of a new world. There’s also a bit of Pirates, war and Politics. So yeah, great read.

I enjoyed the twists and turns the story made, more so how everyone and everything came together.
The writing is responsible for this. But first let me admit how worried I was at the beginning coz I thought the story would be too descriptive and lost the plot like most books do. It didn’t. The book managed to be descriptive without stealing the spotlight from the plot.

The characters are fine. Adrianna was easy to connect with probably because she’s not too badass but not weak. The author didn’t exaggerate her character and I like the journey she took and still taking. I can say the same for the other characters. It’s like no one stood out the most which made it obvious that the author treated them equally; protagonists, antagonists/villain and side characters.Β  I’m learning from this author, you all. πŸ™‚

Lastly, I liked the way this book was rounded up. As Book 1 of a series, it just tackled enough to
make a whole book interesting and left so much so the readers become eager for the sequel.

All in all, a great read. A unique, fascinating fantasy novel that’s perfect for ALL fantasy lovers because this book has a bit of everything but didn’t ruin the main plot.

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4 Blissful Pages with Lilies.Β Β 


Yes!!! I have a new rating icons. hehe.

So what do you think guys, will you read this book? Let’s chat. You can also contact Talis if you want. I’m gonna do some kind of an interview with her one of these days, though we don’t have final talk about it yet. haha… But I know she’ll be in to it coz she’s really approachable and friendly. For now, you can reach her on twitter: @talis_jones

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10 thoughts on “Crooked Raven by Talis Jones (Book Review)

    1. But Ronnie I’m writing a retelling of Peter Pan though I’ve used an entire different world. hehe. I’ll force you or give you puppy eyes until you read my book. hahahaha. I’m kidding.

      Anyway, the concept of this book is really interesting. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


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