Day-A-Thon January 2019 (Wrap-Up)

Hi Blisses,

tbr (1)

So this is very late. I want to blame it on my internet but no. Even with our internet fixed, this post would still be late. Aaaaah January isn’t really being nice to me but hopefully February get to be good GREAT. I got to be positive, right? Yesterday, Sunday, after church I spent a lot of time planning, I literally planned my activities and goals for until December 2019. I can feel the need to take everything seriously this year, because before 2019 came I promised myself this is going to be my BEST year so far. I want 2019 to exceed all my expectations. 🙂

So just so you know, our latest Day-A-thon went great for me (cough,except when I fell asleep right after reading my 4th book). I finished 4 books.

Do I really know how to count? Because that’s 5 books. Well, it counts as four because I only read half of Dumplin’. It’s our book club’s current Book of the Month. (And if you want to join us, kindly click HERE, we support diverse books) And I read half of The Darkest Mind buddyreading it with Misty. I’ll be posting my reviews very soon so watch out for them.

That’s all I’ve got for you today guys.

Happy Reading.


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14 thoughts on “Day-A-Thon January 2019 (Wrap-Up)

      • Erica Mae says:

        Readathons like this really make you tackle your tbr and make up for readless days. I guess I’ll be looking forward for every month then and I’ll be thanking you a lot if I finish my Netgalley stack this year hahahaha


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