Once Upon a Duke by Erica Ridley (Book Review)

Check out my review of this #historicaromance.

TITLE: Once Upon a Duke
BY: Erica Ridley
SERIES: 12 Dukes of Christmas #1
GENRE: Historical Romance
October 9th 2018 by WebMotion
RATING: 3 Blissful pages

Benjamin Ward, Duke of Silkridge, has reasons to hate Christmas season and going back to Cressmouth a.k.a. Christmas is not making him happy. Everywhere he looks is Christmas even if its January. His estranged grandfather’s will forced him to come and he must obliged to get back the only relic that reminds him of his family. But going back means seeing someone he left behind years ago. Noelle Pratchett didn’t forget the man who stole her heart, stole her first kiss and then left her without so much a goodbye and she vowed not to be fooled again. But the spirit of Christmas can do things to people’s hearts no matter how hardened they are.

This is the third book I read from Erica Ridley and by far my least favorite. I’m now familiar with the author’s writing and I liked the vibrant and vivid description of her book’s setting. Cressmouth or Christmas Village seems to come alive on pages. And the townspeople are someone I want to be neighbours with. I can understand why Noelle and the others want to stay in Christmas.

I think the story is just fine, it’s a second chance romance, one of my favorite tropes. But unfortunately, I couldn’t buy the romance between Noelle and Benjamin. As individuals, they’re fine but they seem detached from each other. I just didn’t see the romance building, they just met again and told us their past feelings and then they still like each other. The way it was ended is also a bit unsatisfying in a way that all the conflicts between them weren’t really dealt with. They just disappear and I don’t understand why?

But overall, this is still a good read. Perfect for Christmas or relaxing time and I’ll be continuing with the series.

What do you think of this book? Are you planning to read it? Let’s chat.

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