The Vampire of Maple Town by Kane McLoughlin (ARC Review)

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Currently, I’m on a hiatus but this book review is for an ARC and can’t wait till I come back…

TITLE: The Vampire of Maple Town
BY: Kane McLoughlin
GENRE: Fantasy, Fiction, Retelling
Nov. 9, 2018 by EverAfterPress

After a young boy becomes a reluctant vampire, he is forced to sign a contract to kill someone in his home of Maple Town. This is the condition behind the mysterious adoption of 15-year old Charlie. While under the care of the grieving widow, Vincent Prowl, Charlie can never go outside. Vincent’s only explanation is that it’s too dangerous. One day Charlie escapes and Vincent realizes he’ll do anything to save his son —even if it means the destruction of the town he once loved in exchange for him and his son’s freedom. All the while unbeknownst to the fact that a young, locked away witch named Alice holds the key to preventing a tragedy and freeing Charlie from his gruesome contract and the deadline that grows closer with each day. 

The first chapter really set the mood of the entire novel. It’s so mysterious, intriguing and atmospheric, written in a way I felt I was in for a good tale. It was a good tale, though there are parts of the story where the storytelling loses the mood and tone that the beginning promised. I can even say, it gets dramatic and dull sometimes. But overall the plot is okay and the twists are decent enough.

When it comes to the characters, Charlie, our main character isn’t that likeable. I don’t hate him but I don’t like him enough. He’s a bit meh for my taste. I’m in fact more interested in Vincent who thankfully is one of the main characters though I didn’t like the fact that he hid something from Charlie and raised him very strictly. Still, I’m interested to know about him ad I would love to read his and his wife’s love story. That would be a great tale. But unfortunately this book is more focused on Charlie and the deal Vincent made with the ‘twins’ to keep Charlie alive. Also, Charlie’s Romance is in the spotlight. It’s sort of love ‘square’ which really gets confusing because, in the end, I had no idea what it achieved. Did the romance a part of this story at all? I think the Romance was stupid.

I just wished the story also focuses on Alice, because, by the way, this is a retelling of Alice in Wonderland and I think she’s really an interesting character. But instead, we get even more of the Queen of Hearts who is one stupid, confused character. I know it’s part of her character, in the story she’s called, THE QUEEN OF BROKENHEARTS, but still, she’s one unlikeable character, like why does she even a part of this story?

Overall, this is a fine tale, I just wish, the author developed each plot points more because really, every part of this story and each character has so much potential. I think there will be a sequel or at least a companion novel and I might read it when it comes out.


I was provided a copy by the publisher/author via Netgalley. Thank you.


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