The Deceivers by Kristen Simmons (ARC Review)

Currently, I’m on a hiatus but this book review is for an ARC and can’t wait till I come back…

TITLE: The Deceivers

BY: Kristen Simmons

SERIES: Vale Hall #1

GENRE: Young Adult, Contemporary

Feb. 5th 2019 by Tor Teen

This book is marketed as Pretty Little Liars meets Ocean’s 11 and I agree. It sets in Vale Hall, a school for con artists and this is what made me requested this book from Netgalley. I was really intrigued. And it features Brynn Hilder, a teen who wants to escape her miserable life and thinks Vale Hall is her chance with a promise from Vale Hall’s Owner/Director, Dr. David Odin of a great future. But still Brynn has to do her best to survive in a place filled with cons and aspiring cons.

This book is totally unexpected. It started mediocre but as I read, it got more and more interesting until I was totally hooked. The writing didn’t even interest me. What made me keep reading is the plot itself. I was really interested how things would go, who are the other deceivers, what really happens in a school of cons, who is David Odin (really he is the best character), and who’s telling lies or truths. I wanna know what happens in the end, I want the reveals so I kept reading. And I was not disappointed.

The reveals are fine and this book has some underlying themes I’m really fascinated at. Like Odin’s principle on why he founded Vale Hall.

I didn’t really find Brynn that interesting at first few chapters. I couldn’t even relate or give sympathy to her because I just don’t feel her. But she grew on me eventually. On the other hand, I love Caleb. He’s so sweet and thoughtful and I just wanna grab him and take him out of Vale Hall. He needs to be in a real University and be an architect someday. The other students, are okay , some of them are pretty well-rounded while others, I think, need more character arcs.  But they’re found family so I’m contented. My favorite would be Odin. He got these layers of himself going on and he made me question things, of the things I believe in. He’s a bad influence. Haha.

Overall, this is a fine read but still can be more. This is my first from this author but won’t be the last.

FINAL RATING: 3 Blissful Pages with lilies.

I was provided a copy by the publisher/author via Netgalley. Thank you.


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