One Night for Seduction by Erica Ridley (ARC Review)

Hi Blisses,

TITLE: One Night for Seduction
BY: Erica Ridley
SERIES: Wicked Dukes Club #1

GENRE: Historical Romance
PUBLICATION: April 16th 2019 by WebMotion

RATING: 4 Blissful Pages


When the Wicked Duke dares the Duke of Colehaven to find a suitor for an unmanageable ward, Cole immediately accepts. He’s on a winning streak, and besides, how unmarriageable can a pretty young lady be? He appoints himself bodyguard and duenna, only to discover his own desires may be the greatest danger of all.

Supposed wallflower Diana Middleton lives a double life, bringing dishonest businessmen to justice. Shaking off a meddling duke should be child’s play. Yet the more they lock horns, the more she wants to lock lips. Her scandalous secrets would derail his political career. But surely there’s no harm in one little seduction…


Erica Ridley has become my go-to author when I don’t feel like reading. Not only her books are short, so it won’t take much of my time, they’re also sure good, heartwarming reads. And in ‘One Night for Seduction’, once again the author didn’t disappoint me. I love it from the beginning to end.

The MCs, Diana and Cole, were introduced in a way the reader can’t say no to read further to know them better. And their first meeting is really, really good. I like it so much. It was so much fun to read. I like it that there’s not much friction between the characters, there were banters but they’re more like healthy discussions with each of them presenting their thoughts and opinions especially about Math and measurements. These two have such fascinating discussions, I tell you. The side characters are okay too, and I’m excited to see the other Wicked Dukes in the next books in the series. That said, I think this book is a fair start of a series.

The plot wasn’t that complicated, but it’s enough for a 100+ pages book. And the wrap up of the story is also mild but I’m not complaining. I like this book for what it is. One thing though, I just hoped that some of the paragraphs used for describing about the MCs’ backgrounds, works and what they want to attain were intended for more romance. The subplot is almost stealing the show from the romance.

But overall, this book is a good read. And if you haven’t read anything from this author, I highly recommend to start with Never Say Duke. You can read my review HERE.

I was provided a copy by the publisher/author via Netgalley. This does not affect my opinion regarding the book.

Thank you for reading this review and be sure to add this book on Goodreads.

Happy Reading.



4 thoughts on “One Night for Seduction by Erica Ridley (ARC Review)

  1. Stefanie says:

    I like how she’s your go-to, historical romance as I’m always open to new authors in this genre; Loretta Chase is one I was glad to have tried. I’ll check her out and see if my local, used bookstore has any of her books to try.

    Liked by 1 person

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