Wrecking Ball by P. Dangelico (Book review + rants)

Hi Blisses,

TITLE: Wrecking Ball
P. Dangelico
SERIES: Hard to Love #1 (Can be read as standalone)
GENRE: Romance, Contemporary
PUBLICATION: Jan. 19th, 2017
3 1/2 Blissful pages with lilies

Cam DeSantis has lost her husband, her job and her money all at once. So when opportunity came, she has no choice but to grab it. Reluctantly. It doesn’t matter if her first meeting with her boss, Calvin Shaw, Titan’s NFL Quarterback, is the worst. It also doesn’t matter that she’ll have to be a nanny to Calvin’s nephew even though she studied and dreamt to be a teacher. Besides it’s just for three months. Three months and she’ll have enough to pick up her life. For Calvin, three months should be easy. Women don’t interest him anyway. But he quickly realized that Cam is a major distraction and all his plans are about to get wrecked.


I was certain this book would be solid 4 stars for me, if not 5 stars. I really enjoyed Cam and Calvin’s characters. Cam, who have been through a lot and is barely hanging there is obviously a very strong woman. Calling her empowering won’t be a stretch. She knows how to get up after being pushed down by life. I also like that the moment she realized that there’s more to Cal than what she initially thought about him, she soften to him. No bullshits and drama. They just started bonding and opening up to each other. Calvin, on the other hand, was an asshole. WAS. And somehow, I didn’t mind his initial character. I love the genuineness of his character. He even reminds me of one of my favorite male leads of all time – Aiden Graves from The Wall of Winnipeg and Me.

In fact the whole book reminds me of The Wall of Winnipeg and Me. Aiden and Cal are both footballers. They’re both extremely rich, thanks to football. They’re also very private persons and don’t give a damn to other’s opinions. The female lead also has to live with the male lead in their home. There’s also “pretense relationships” that happened in both book. And the slow-burn romance. I’m sorry if I’m comparing the two books but it’s impossible not to. I won’t say though that someone copied someone. Both books have their own distinctive charm though I must say that I’m disappointed that I only ended up rating Wrecking Ball 3 stars while “The Wall of Winnipeg and Me” got 5 stars.


Like I said in the beginning of this review, I was so sure that I would give this 4-5 stars. I was enjoying everything, from characters to writing style. But then the last part of the book happened. Pregnancy. I don’t mind pregnancy becoming a part of a plot in the last 25% of a book. I don’t mind that I didn’t see that happen. It’s okay but two things about it have annoyed me. First, Calvin had a vasectomy and yet he got Cam pregnant. WTF? Why? Oh I know. It’s because it’s convenient to the plot. It will conveniently fix all the conflicts. You see, Cal doesn’t want to have a baby or children because of his past. For me, that’s reasonable considering his past. But Cam want to have a baby. So yeah she needs to be accidentally pregnant.

Second thing that annoyed the heck of me is the characters’ attitude and reaction towards it. Cal became an asshole again. Doubting Cam which is reasonable but Cam, on the other hand, can’t seem to understand that. I mean the guy had a vasectomy. Of course he’ll doubt the pregnancy but Cam can’t seem to understand that. And Calvin, the jerk, did worse by demanding a freaking paternity test complete with lawyers and everything. I don’t know but that ruin the romance that developed  earlier in the story. Why didn’t they just talk like mature people and go to the doctor together to clear their minds how it happened. Because again, Cal had vasectomy. Some sort of medical explanation how the pregnancy happened should be included in the book.

The thing is this also happened in one of my all-time fave books “Kiss an Angel”. There was a pregnancy there too and the guy at first didn’t want it, also because of his past. But in Kiss of Angel, the guy’s initial reaction was understandable. But he didn’t spend months in denial of the pregnancy. He accepted it and the fact that he loved the girl more than enough that he was willing to set aside what he wants. Beside the kid is already on his/her way.

Ugh! My main problem with Wrecking Ball is, why did the author resort to pregnancy to fix the conflicts just to end the story happily. Cam and Cal could’ve just learned to be selfless and accept each other’s wants. It’s also possible that Cam changed his mind regarding children. Why does it have to be  forced?

And yeah, that’s  the worst – the ending. The resolution. Cal and Cam saw each other again in a party and at first, they have arguments and suddenly, Cal is telling her she looked more beautiful now that she’s pregnant. And then A MINUTE LATER…wait for it… they’re together again. Just like that. They’re OK. Happy Ending y’all.

**** END SPOILERS ****

The last part of the book really sucks. I was really, really sure this would be a perfect 5 star. But I couldn’t give the book less than 3 stars even though I have a massive complaint. This one is really, and still a great read despite the ending.

And while writing this review I already read book 2 of the series and it was amazing. So watch out for my review.

Have you read this book? Do we share the same sentiments? Are you planning to read this book? Let’s chat.



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