Bulldozer by P. Dangelico (Book Review + Why recycling a plot is a bad idea)

Hi Blisses,

TITLE: Bulldozer
BY: P. Dangelico
SERIES: Hard to Love #3 (can be read as standalone)
GENRE: Contemporary, Romance
PUBLICATION: November 12th, 2018

First of all, Here’s a list of the similarities I found in all 3 books in Hard to Love series.

1.) The need to live in  the same house
2.) S/he hears him/her says something about her/him that’s not really nice.
3.) Rich guy doing BIG favor for her.
4.) Them going to a party and play pretend.
5.) Of course, she doesn’t have dress to wear so of course he provides.
6.) He has a habit of not wearing proper underwear/nudity is almost normal.
7.) I’m-Not-Like-Other-Girls attitude.
8.) The ladies don’t wear silky nighties but oversized shirts because…well, they’re not like other girls, you know.
9.) Construction people are rude to female leads. (Really?)
10.) Guys had “accidents” so the ladies have to take care of them in some ways.
11.) Texting sessions because guys had to go somewhere.
12.) FIRST KISSES includes guy investigating how the lady wants the kiss (that’s  sweet but it’s like that in all 3 books.)
13.) Girls calling their parents only by name.

Now to my review.

Book 3 is about Amanda’s love story. Amanda was first introduced in book 1. She’s Calvin’s younger sister and mother of Sam. (Calvin is the male lead in book 1 and Sam was the reason why Calvin needed a nanny. The nanny was the female lead in book 1) In book 1, it was apparent that Amanda is leading a  messy life and just out of rehab but in Bulldozer, it’s been two years since. Now, Amanda is sober and managing a yoga studio/business with a friend. And for the summer she needs to stay where the new annex of their studio is located. Thankfully, her brother has a house there.

Bad news, someone is already living there — 4-time Defensive player of the year, Grant Hendricks. It’s some kind of misunderstanding that they both ended up staying there and of course they could do nothing about it. This is an enemies-to-lovers story and I feel bad for not liking it. It’s one of my favorite tropes. But from start to finish, I didn’t find a thing that I enjoyed. I’m not saying it’s generally bad, I still gave it two stars anyway. But Amanda and Grant had me eye-rolling thousand times. Their first meeting should be fun but I didn’t find it funny. Grant is supposed to be this angsty and surly guy but I was like, “Dude, Amanda is sister of the owner of the house, like she has the right more than you.” And his antics annoyed me. I don’t care anymore if he’s going through something. They’re living with a kid, Sam, he should be a little more considerate. He had changed throughout the book but he’s frustrating.

The only reason I keep reading is because in their first meeting, Grant asked Amanda if she didn’t remember him. I was curious. Then I was disappointed. It was nothing special. It also didn’t help that this book is like a fanfic version of the first two books. I mean, look at the list above. All three books have all those 13 things, I mean Come On!

I think, I’ve said everything  I want to say. I’m really saddened by this. I don’t know if I’ll still recommend this book but if you want to read it, feel free to chat with me and we can discuss it. 🙂



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