Bookish Blog Hops: One POV or Multiple? (Summer Hop)

Hi Blisses,

I’m joining a blog hop again. This Summer blog hop have been running since June 1 and would end on 30th of the same month. I’ll be sharing the links of the other amazing bloggers who have joined so you can visit their posts too. Also if you want to learn more, kindly visit OUR FB GROUP, and maybe join us if you want.

Anyway, mine’s the 25th stop of this blog hop and my topic is “One POV or Multiple?” This is such a common topic in book blogging community so I’m glad I’ve been assigned with it. I’m sure you can’t wait to read our answers so, let’s get on with it.

I get to answer first. One POV or Multiple? Usually, I love reading books with Single-POVs. I find it more intimate that I get to look directly inside the Main Character’s mind. It’s easier to connect with characters and of course, it would be easier to love the book too. But there are those books that single POVs just won’t work. Like Six of Crows, I don’t think I’d enjoy that book as much as I did if it’s written only in one character’s POV, even if it’s my favorite character Kaz’ POV. I will still enjoy it but not as much as I did with all the characters’ POV. There are also those Romance books that I get frustrated when only the woman has the POV, not all romance books, but some have these amazing heroes whose minds I want to dissect, like Aiden Graves in “The Wall of Winnipeg and Me.” So in conclusion, I don’t mind if it’s one POV or multiple, it depends on the book. 🙂

Jo Linsdell

I don’t mind multiple points of views but it has to be done well. I generally don’t like books that hop around too much. It gets confusing if the characters aren’t defined enough. In some cases, having multiple POVs can add to the story. In others I find it just a distraction.

Leslie Conzatti

I don’t mind multiple POV’s…. But ONLY if the author has done it right. David Baldacci and Kimberly Rogers are two authors I’ve seen who do multiple POV’s very well–for example, Baldacci will sometimes break away from the hero’s POV to give us a glimpse into the psyche of the villain–but still maintains the thrill of mystery by not giving us more than what might happen to the hero in the next scene… While Rogers writes a series (the Therian Way series) with more than one main character, and in first person as well, trading off chapters sometimes so that each one is narrated by one character or the other. The way she phrases the narration from one character really matches their dialogue all the way through–so the change is not disruptive in any way!

Brandy Potter www.brandypotterbooks

I actually prefer more than one POV but that being said, I like authors that target the POV’s they use. For example, Nora uses the Protag and love interest POV and once in awhile the antag, but not every side character. I have read third person writers that have you in the head of every single character and that gets confusing. So for me third person limited is the best.

Views She Writes

I prefer one POV as it is easier to keep track of the ongoings of the plot. But some psychological thrillers have multiple POVs which take up the thrill one notch. So multiple POVs only for psychological thrillers. Everywhere else, one POV.


I like single or dual point of view most. More makes me feel too far removed from what’s happening in the story.

There you have it guys. 🙂 If you enjoy this post, make sure you visit these blogger’s blogs and maybe share this post. Also visit the links of the other stops for this blog hop below. I would also love to know your answers in the comments: ONE POV or MULTIPLE?

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12 thoughts on “Bookish Blog Hops: One POV or Multiple? (Summer Hop)

  1. Jayati says:

    It really depends on the writing for me – and like you said ‘Six of Crows’ wouldn’t have been as amazing without all 6 POVs, I usually prefer either a single POV or a third person POV when we have multiple characters.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Noriko says:

    I tend to enjoy multiple POVs better than single POV and the tendency gets even stronger when I hate the character whose POV I need to follow… lol In addition to that, I think multiple POVs work pretty well in romance books. You know, we’re all intrigued to know what the love interest think of he/her!!

    Liked by 1 person

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