10 Auto-Buy Authors

Hi Blisses,

I realized that I haven’t really posted anything where I share my favorite auto-buy authors. That’s why, I’m so glad for this week’s Top Ten Tuesday topic. This meme is hosted by Jana from That Artsy Reader Girl and she comes up with these amazing topics every week. I highly recommend that you check out her blog now or maybe after reading this post. 🙂 🙂

Though the main reason for an author to be an auto-buy for me (or all readers) is because I love their works, there are also several factors that affect my will to buy all the author’s works and I’m excited to share those factors to you. So without further ado, here are the ten authors whose works I will always buy without an iota of hesitation. 

1.) Leigh Bardugo

Duh? Of course she’ll be in this list. Even though I wasn’t overly fond of her “Shadow and Bone Trilogy,” I’m very much in love with Six of Crows duology. That said, I’ll forever be buying her works even though I don’t plan to read them yet, like the King of Scars. I have it but not planning to read it until book 2 came out. SoC became an all-time favorite of mine and for that I’m thankful to the author and will buy everything she writes.

2.) Laini Taylor

The writing. Gosh I can’t even explain how much I fell in love with this woman’s writing when I read “Daughter of Shadow and Bone.” She’s just too creative with words and I freakin’ love her style. Thus I have her books though I must admit I haven’t read them all yet.

3.) Marissa Meyer

Her “The Lunar Chronicles” made me fall in love with 2 guys in one series. Lol. I really fell in love with both Kai and Carswell Thorne and that rarely happen. Usually in one book or single series, I’m only in love with one of the guys, but Meyer made me a two-timer having two book boyfriends in one fictional universe. Shame on me. Hehe. And oh speaking of fictional universe, for me this author’s strength is world-building. She can make realistic, believable worlds. She did it too in her current series “Renegades”.

4.) Mariana Zapata

Behold! The Queen of Slow-burn Romance. At least for me, she is. It’s a shame that I only discovered Mariana Zapata last year but I did make up for the lost time because I now own 7 of her books and have reread three of them like 100 times each. Hehe. I swear if you look at my monthly TBRs, this author’s books are always present for a reread. 🙂

5.) Penny Reid

This author is a new favorite. I ended up dropping one of her series when I first tried her writing but then I tried again, this time reading her “Winston Brothers” Series and I’m in love. Now, I can read whatever she writes. In fact, I’m now also in love with the books in the series that I once dropped.

6.) Lisa Kleypas

Jeez!!! This author. She made me fall in love with Historical Romances. I mean I’ve read other historical romances before but they’re classic ones like P&P. But Historical Romances that were written by modern authors, Lisa Kleypas is the pioneer, the one who made me read this genre.

7.) Tessa Dare

I first read Tessa’s books later last year and I was hooked. Since then, I’ve been reading her works whenever I want a fun, quirky, romantic, easy read. She’s known for humorous dialogues and banters. Even inner monologues, I must say.

8.) Francesca Zappia

The feels. It’s not a secret that I’m not really a fan of YA contemporary but when I read  “Eliza and her Monsters”, the feels it gave me was astounding. Maybe because I can relate to Eliza but I know that’s not the only reason. Because I read Zappia’s other work, “Made you Up” and I don’t really see myself as similar to the MC there who is schizophrenic, and I discovered, Zappia is just a genius who can give you the feels. And Jesus Christ, that twist in “Made You Up” broke me. I was a freaking mess.

9.) Cath Crowley

Another YA Contemporary author. The thing about Cath Crowley is that whenever I read her book, I feel like I want to highlight every other sentences in the book. Why, I love her quotes. I simple love them. They spoke truth and heart and pain and love.

10.) John Grisham

The last time I read a John Grisham book, it was a reread. I haven’t read his newer books but that doesn’t mean I don’t own them. I own 36 of John Grisham’s books. I repeat, 36. That’s a lot I know but this author, I owe him a lot. It’s not a secret that first ever novel I’ve read was written by him. Unlike other readers, I didn’t start with children’s books. My parents weren’t also fans of telling their kids bedtime story so my first experience of reading a book was purely accidental and it involves a crime, legal drama written by this author. I was 8. I feel like I owe John Grisham a lot and I really hope I get a chance to meet him someday.

There you have it guys. Hope you enjoyed reading this post. And I’ll be glad to read yours too so do leave your links below. Also, I want to know what you think of these authors.

Let’s chat.



21 thoughts on “10 Auto-Buy Authors

  1. emme @ a literary latte says:

    I’m currently reading Cinder of The Lunar Chronicles and am really enjoying it! I didn’t think I would because I don’t usually like sci-fi but it’s so good!
    I haven’t read anything by Leigh Bardugo or Laini Taylor but have heard so much about their writing! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • lilisblissfulpages says:

      OMG, please try Leigh and Laini’s writing. Leigh Bardugo’s Six of Crows duology has made it to my all-time fave though it would be better if you read the Grishaverse trilogy first before reading Six of Crows. The Grishaverse will give you a better understanding of the world and magic system. 🙂 Also I hope Laini Taylor’s Books makes you her fan too.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. dinipandareads says:

    I love Laini Taylor, Marissa Meyer and Leigh Bardugo! Amazing that you own so many Josh Grisham books too 😱 It’d be amazing to own so many books from one author! I’ve seen so many of his books everywhere, what’d you recommend someone start with?

    My TTT post

    Liked by 1 person

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