The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren (Book Review)

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TITLE: the Unhoneymooners
BY: Christina Lauren
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
PUBLICATION: May 14, 2019 by Gallery Books
3.5 blissful pages with lillies

Olive and Ami are identical twins but that’s where their similarities stopped. One very distinct difference is that where Ami is the luckiest person on earth, winning contests left and right and even managed to have a wedding that didn’t cost them at all, Olive though is very unlucky. Olive, our heroine in this book is the unluckiest person on earth and things aren’t better in her life. And if that isn’t enough, she was forced to spend the day of her sister’s wedding with Ethan, her nemesis. But that can’t be avoided because Ethan is the groom’s brother. Olive’s unluckiness seem to change when everyone in the wedding gets food poisoning except her and she ended up getting the free honeymoon trip that should’ve been for her sister. The only downside is that Ethan gets to go too.

I freakin’ love the enemies-to-lovers trope that I was so sure, this would be a perfect 5-star read. And when I began reading, I’m 200% sure. I love the banters between the main characters Ethan and Olive. They’re so witty and extremely funny. Even the inner monologues are funny, like I laughed so hard and I didn’t even care that I was reading this book at midnight. I didn’t care because I was extremely enjoying it. And every time Olive push Ethan’s buttons, I just lose it and laugh. I also love the setting, it’s in Hawaii and this is really a perfect summer read. I also love the sexual tension between these two. I mean it’s there but they handle it with funny banters so it seems light but at the same time makes me aching for more. I love every scene that screams steam in this novel but end up funny.

Now this sounds like a perfect book, right? Like you’re already wondering “then why did she rated it only 3.5 stars?” Well, here comes the bad news: the hero sucked.

I just want to be clear first. I enjoyed the romance but I really didn’t like the hero. He’s like one of the worst heroes I’ve ever read and I’m not even exaggerating. Things really get ugly for me. So Ethan has an ex and I enjoyed him and Olive showing it to the ex that hey, Ethan has a new girl now but as it continue to happen, I realized something. Like why does Ethan even trying so hard to show his ex he has a new girl now? What for? At first it was fine but the later scenes that are supposed to be sweet and the development of Olive an Ethan’s romance but if you analyze those scenes, Ethan is always preoccupied by his ex. There is never an indication that he did the things he did because he wants it with Olive. No. It’s not even clear to me if he enjoyed those scenes. I mean, like I said, he’s always preoccupied by his ex. When I realized this, I also realized my fear that the hero is still in love with his ex or maybe NOT INLOVE but still cares. That says something, OK? It just means he’s not completely over his ex and whenever his ex is around, he became really this lame guy.

And then there’s the drama around 60 or 70% mark of the story. Drama just took over and I freakin’ hate it. Here’s the thing one of the side characters did or say something to Olive but when Olive told that to Ethan, he didn’t believe her and even indicated she’s just kinda jealous for what her sister have. I mean WHY? The fact that he didn’t believe her, though it’s somehow understandable because the side character is important to Ethan, still HE SHOULD’VE GIVEN OLIVE the benefit of the doubt. But no, he just kept going at how Olive always find the worst in people or things. She does, but did she ever do something bad to ruin other people? NO. And Ethan knows that so why would he think that Olive is just doing that because she wants to. Ethan knew she’s a kind woman and would never do something that would ruin others but still he judged her. I wasn’t asking that Ethan believe her completely, I just wanted him to give her the benefit of the doubt. You know what I mean.

And this brings me to my another issue – her sister, Ami. Ami, who acts the eldest among the twins is a real leader. This is mentioned by Olive. Ami can make Olive do things that she didn’t even like but she’d do them happily because she’ll do them with her sister. This is not a bad characterization of Ami, okay? In fact this is a good one because this says a lot about the twins’ relationship. Before the ‘drama’, I really liked their relationship. But Ami reacted to what Olive said like Ethan did. She didn’t believe Olive too. She even asked Olive why she’s doing it, as if Olive’s objective is to ruin Ami’s relationship and I was like, WHY? In all their lives, their close and I’m pretty sure Olive never did something to Ami that can make her think Olive is capable of telling lies just to ruin Ami. It’s very, very disconcerting to me especially that I have a younger sister whose almost identical to me and I’m only 1 year older. Personally, I don’t see the ‘identical’ thing between me and my sister but the people around us always mistake us as at the same age or people would mistake me for her and vice versa. There’s always been a comparison between my sister and I thanks to the people around us. Physical comparison, I don’t mind. We almost have the same shape, I know this. The only difference is that mine’s round and my sister’s oval. But I hate it when people say, I am the smart one and my sister is the Nice one. Or when they say I am the talkative and loves arguing and my sister is the meek one. But despite all these, my sister and I never have a serious fight except siblings silly fights. 

I’m sorry if suddenly I share some personal stuff about me but you see, this is the reason why I didn’t like the way Ami reacted to what Olive said. If there’s one person on earth who knows Olive, it would be Ami and yet she thinks that way. That’s form of betrayal for me, okay? But this is a personal dislike so I don’t expect other people share the same thoughts as mine.

But sadly, after this drama in the story, I lose my enjoyment in reading it. And I couldn’t even enjoy the happy ending. I just don’t like the characters anymore, except Olive. Olive is the only reason I finished the novel. I love how true she is and very accepting of who she is. This quality is what makes her never have any ill-will about her sister, even though Ami seems to have everything one can wish for.

And oh, there are some warnings here: Ex issue, Cheating of the Side characters, Eating (stress eating and general mention of eating. Olive loves to eat.), oversized talks ( Olive first believed that Ethan finds her fat and Ethan’s attitude never contradicts these, well except when they’re on Hawaii and Ethan can’t help himself but looks at Olive’s boobs because you know, they’re great boobs.) Speaking of this, I think some of these aren’t handled that well. I’m even confused as to how really does Olive looks? Is she really oversized or just voluptuous. There is also no clarification as to how people tell who is Olive and who is Ami. I mean they’re identical.

I’m sorry guys, this review is longer than I wanted it to be. Overall, I still recommend this but I can’t say this is my favorite or that I will reread this. God No. And even though I love the cover of this book, I have no intention of buying a physical copy. That’s how much I dislike Ethan.

So what do you guys think of this book? have you read it? Or are you planning to? Let’s chat.



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