Song for A Lost Kingdom Book 2 by Steve Moretti (Blog Tour)

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About the Book

TITLE: Song For A Lost Kingdom
BY: Steve Moretti
SERIES: Song for a Lost Kingdom 2
GENRE: Fiction, Historical
July 2019


Music is not bound by time.
And Adeena Stuart is not bound by anything that will stop her from saving the man she’s fallen in love with, even though he’s been dead for almost three hundred years.
In Book II of the Song for a Lost Kingdom trilogy, her music provides the portal to to James Drummond who is fighting along side Prince Charles Edward Stuart in the 1746 Jacobite uprising. Though their cause is doomed, and James is destined to die shortly after the Battle of Culloden, Adeena’s determination never wavers.
Left behind in the present, Adeena’s friends and families are equally determined to return her to 2019 before the expanding growth in her head becomes fatal and they lose her forever.
Throughout it all, the music sweeps across those in both the past and present in this novel of history, fantasy, romance and science fiction


This book is so underrated.
When I read Book 1, I was so fascinated by the concept of music connecting time. Music have been used in fictional stories so many times but not like this though this concept reminded me of an Asian (Korean or Japanese) teen movie where the girl went to the future and she plays piano. I forgot the title because I’ve watched a long time ago, so if any of you find this familiar, please tell me the title. but I remember liking it the same way I liked Adeena’s story. And I’m so glad that even though music kind of takes a back seat in book 2, it’s still present and plays a big role in the story.
Book 2 focuses in Adeena (or Katharine) and James’ love story, the danger of the 1745 Jacobite Uprising, and the study and struggle of Adeena’s family in the present time to wake her up. I’m no lover of history but I applaud the author for writing such a book that made me want to read more about this part of history. Even though the story is fiction, this past of history is not and I can only imagine the research the author made for this novel. I like how the Jacobite rebellion was executed, presenting danger and suspense that made me really, really hooked because I can’t wait to see what will happen to James. Afterall, history said he died so I’m excited to see what difference would Adeena make to change the history and keep the love her life alive.
As for the characters, I still can’t find Adeena relatable which is the reason why I can’t rate this book a perfect 5-star. I can’t really explain it but I can’t really like Adeena completely, like something is missing in her character, I just can’t name what. But I do love her tenacity to save James. She’s willing to travel through times and set aside the life she’s accustomed to just for her love. I like that quality of hers. James, on the other hand, is the typical valiant hero you can’t help but like and wish that he stays alive, NO MATTER WHAT. I also like how the author handled the side characters. I like it that they were given an equal parts and privileges as the main protagonists. Even though the protagonists are in 1745, equal amount of things are happening in present time with Adeena’s parents and friends and others. It’s almost like there’s no side characters which is really amazing. That said, the side plot regarding the science behind Adeena’s condition, is an interesting addition to the story.
Finally, I want to say that for me, the main strength of this novel is still the music. The mystery behind the music connecting Adeena and Katharine. I want answers which is the main motivator why I keep swiping the screen of my tablet and keep reading. In my review of book 1, I said it was page-turner and I can say the same thing in book 2. The author really made it possible to keep the mystery alive till the end. And now I can’t wait for book 3.

RATING: 4 Blissful Pages with Lilies


Adeena collapsed onto the bed in her private chamber at Hamilton Palace. 
The recently widowed Lady Anne Hamilton had shown her to the room and asked a servant to draw her a hot bath. It was the best Christmas present anyone could possibly give her, she thought. The cold from every part of her body ached for the balm of something warm.
A hot bath and clean clothes awaited her and the thought of them made all her pains a bit more tolerable.
When the bath was ready, with fragrant perfume and oils, and most importantly with steaming water, she let herself enjoy the feeling that transcended any bathing experience she had ever had before. It felt like a tiny part of the future had slipped back into the past.
As she closed her eyes she thought of James and about her situation. For anyone knew, she was Katharine Carnegie, sister of George and Sir James Carnegie. Her aunt was Lady Margaret St. Clair, who still fought to retain her hold on Kinnaird Castle against the attainder of her first husband’s estates and titles.
She wondered about Katharine Carnegie. Have I become her? What happened to her or have we somehow switched places in time? Are we the same person, the same soul, the same spirit?
“Lady Katharine?”
It was the servant who had drawn her bath, knocking on the door.
“When you are complete, I will aid you to dress for dinner. Lady Anne has seated you with the Duke of Perth,” the servant announced through the door. 
“Thank you, I’ll be don.. uh complete, in a few minutes. That work?”
There was a pause. Adeena realized that sometimes her vocabulary confused those around her.
“I will return presently,” she servant responded. 
Presently? Adeena smiled. 
She closed her eyes again. The Duke of Perth, James Drummond – the man who perhaps loved Katharine and perhaps, her. But he seemed to be keeping his distance. He was unlike any man she had ever known in her own time. How much was him and who he was as a person? Or was it just the culture and time they were in – 1745 Scotland?
It was probably impossible to separate the two, and she had no plan for how she could save him from dying a few days after his 33rd birthday, less than five months from today. Stories she had listened to her from her grandmother, about the misery of ‘Ashlynne’ had always gripped Adeena as a moving tale from a far away place and time. But now she was in the story, not just listening to it. 
Adeena had become the woman in her grandmother’s dreams. 
Katharine, not Ashlynne. Determined, not afraid. 
She would change history.
Or die trying.

About the Author

I am an author in Ottawa, Canada. I have a varied background in business, journalism and education.
I love history, and the people who have lived fascinating and sometimes very ordinary lives in extra-ordinary times. I’m drawn to music and the arts, as well as scientific discovery, politics and science fiction, especially time-travel.
My novels combine my interests in stories that put characters within a realistic world that just happens to include elements that challenge our perceptions of reality.  I am currently completing my first trilogy, Song for a Lost Kingdom, and will be starting a new series in 2020.



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13 thoughts on “Song for A Lost Kingdom Book 2 by Steve Moretti (Blog Tour)

  1. Amazing review, Lili!! I haven’t finished the book yet I couldn’t resist reading your review and I am glad to see we are pretty much on the same page. I didn’t even know this is a trilogy, but which means we also have some more fun saved for later! Woohoo!!

    Liked by 2 people

        1. OMG that twist!!! 🙂 🙂 I hope there is book 3, personally, I think there’s still more to the story and based on Steve’s talent, I’m sure he can still give us more. Or hopefully, he writes a new series soon. hehe.

          Liked by 1 person

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