5 Popular Series I Really Need to Read

Hi Blisses,

Yes!!! I’m finally doing Top 5 Tuesday again. This meme is hosted by Shanah from The Bionic Book Worm and she always comes up with these amazing topics. I regret all the weeks I couldn’t participate but well, life happens. Anyway, this week’s topic is Top 5 Series I need to Finish. I don’t have those. When I start a series, I just can’t not finish it. It’s the same with TV shows, mind you. I always wait for an entire season to finish so I can binge-watch it. I hate waiting. I need to know what happens next.

So I have to improvise. I am instead sharing some popular series I really need to read. I’ve been wanting to read these books and maybe by showing them to you make me somehow accountable and finally pick them up.

1.) Percy Jackson and the Olympian Series by Rick Riordan

2.)The Dark Tower Series by Stephen King

3.) Shatter Me Series by Tahereh Mafi

4.) A Song of Ice and Fire by G.R.R. Martin

5.) Strange the Dreamer Series by Laini Taylor

As you might have noticed, no explanation as to why I haven’t read these books yet even though they’ve been on my TBR since forever. Just think of one reason why: I’M WRITING MY OWN BOOK. Which means I don’t have much time sitting and read a whole series. Remember I said at the beginning of this post, if I start a series, I need to finish it. Maybe around Christmas. Maybe on the holidays, I can give myself a month-long break and read a lot.

So what do you think of these books? Have you read them or like me, planning to? Let’s chat.

16 thoughts on “5 Popular Series I Really Need to Read

  1. So I started Percy Jackson way way back in the day. Read like the first two books and gave up with the 300 year holds at the library and then let myself down so hard by never returning. I LOVED the books. I fully intend to return to the series soon!

    I also read Shatter Me but ultimately didn’t continue the series. Based on how much everyone loves the series, I’m sure it was just a matter of right book, wrong reader. The covers are drop dead gorgeous, regardless of how my reading experience went though 😍


  2. You really need to read the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series! It’s one of my favorites. I also want to read the Shatter Me series. Great post!


  3. You covered most of the series that I need to read… I’m stuck with the 3rd book in Percy Jackson and the Olympian Series but I’ve got it on my Kindle, so… need to kick my butt and go reading them! lol


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