An Unforgettable Christmas by Ginny Baird (ARC Review)

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This is my first review this month and I want to share that there are two new sections in my review from now on.

TITLE: An Unforgettable Christmas
Ginny Baird
Contemporary, Romance
September 27, 2019 by Hallmark Publishing
3.5 blissful pages with lilies


He doesn’t remember his past, but could she have a future with him?

Angie Lopez, a widowed mom, works hard at Singleton’s Jewelers. Sam Singleton, her often-irritating boss, hardly does anything besides work. He doesn’t spend time with friends and family, even around the holidays. That’s why Angie’s the one who winds up taking care of him when a head injury leaves him with amnesia.

As Sam attempts to remember who he is, he learns about the luxurious but empty life he leads…and he’s not impressed. Meanwhile, Angie sees a new side of him as he shares Christmas traditions with her, her son Pepe, and her extended family. Angie shares touching, emotional moments with Sam. But if he gets his memories back, what will happen to her heart?

Big thanks to Hallmark Publishing for granting me an e-ARC of this book via Netgalley. This does not affect my opinion regarding the book in any way.


First of all, this is so heartwarming, packed with lovable characters, Christmas traditions, and an unforgettable lesson to the reader. Yes, the title is very fitting. Though I must admit, the best charm of this novel is not because of the main characters alone but everyone in it.

The characters were given such realistic qualities. There is no doubt that the author had succeeded at letting those qualities shown on the pages. Like with Angie who is too focused on her work for her family, especially to her son, Pepe, that she doesn’t even consider to be romantically involved. And Sam who is also hardworking but only to succeed more. He really works hard that he expects his employees to do the same. He thinks himself as fair and reasonable and it really showed in the story. I can say the same with the side characters. It’s like the author has given equal spotlights to all the characters and I like that. The dynamic of the characters was so good. I especially love Angie’s relationship with her family. I won’t tell much about this because it’s better you discover it yourself.

The whole set-up of this novel is also to be commended. I just love the mood or atmosphere of the story. It’s too Christmas-y but still realistic. It’s set in a town where you can always bump at someone you know, or that the business establishments are owned by people who have known each other for a long time. This definitely helped Sam as he tries to remember his forgotten memories. Christmas spirit is too obvious but the author didn’t forget to show the concerns that the characters face in their normal days, making this story realistic. Also it’s a great idea to set an MC with amnesia in a Christmas season, because Christmas is such a heartwarming holiday and well, that makes the process of remembering so much better and more meaningful.

My only issue is that every time, a character’s name is mentioned, whether a new character or just one recurring in a new scene, physical description follows. It’s just a couple to three sentences but still. Also, I noticed that the voice of the characters are almost similar. Not their qualities, just their voice. It’s like only one person is talking. For example, Sam and Angie despite being both hardworking, they still have different qualities — the former can be prickly and the latter is nice — but Alas! they both use the term, gosh whenever possible. And worse, all characters use the word, gosh, when they’re a bit surprised. They’d say ‘Oh gosh’ or ‘Oh my Gosh’, or just simply ‘gosh.’ But I read an ARC so maybe it was changed.

But over all, I highly recommend this book. You might wanna read this if you want to feel the spirit of Christmas early and if you miss your family .


Oh, I might have lost it [faith] a time or two, but it never really abandoned me in my times of need. It was there all along for me to came back to it.

Please be reminded that I read an ARC so any quote I featured is subject to change.


Sometimes, I forget who I really am or what I really want. Sometimes, I ignore important things or worse, lose them. But life always finds a way to remind me what I’m forgetting and help me get back the things I lost, especially if what I’ve lost is myself.

OK guys, as you can see I added my favorite quote and a section called “What I learned” in my review. I just wanted my reviews to be a little different than I usually did and more personal. Besides, really, if a book doesn’t give me one quote to live by and doesn’t teach me any lesson, then it’s not a good book.

What do you think of this book? Have you read it? Or planning to? What’s your favorite Hallmark story or movie? Let’s chat.

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