5 Books That Cast A Spell on Me

Hi Blisses,

This is late. Obviously. But like I said in my review of The Beautiful last night, I didn’t feel OK the past few days so I couldn’t write anything. I don’t want to skip this meme though, so I’m still joining even if it’s late. This meme is hosted by Mandy from Devouring Books. Every Saturday she assigned amazing topics that participants can play with.

This week’s topic is “Books that Cast a Spell on Me” and this is open to interpretation, of course. I decided to go with books that might’ve put a spell on me. Why, because these books, I kept reading them despite…

Well, let me discuss the “despite…” as I go along with the list. (Also apologies on the gifs. Don’t know what happened to me.)

1.) The Cruel Prince by Holly Black

Because, because!!! I shouldn’t like Cardan. That cruel wicked prince a$$. And yet I can’t stop reading. Also, in normal world, I won’t like Jude either. She’s too ambitious. I mean, I do love ambitious people but because of her ambition or desire, she was pulled in the center of political intrigues and deceptions. She only have herself to blame. But despite all these, I kept reading because this book is so beautiful. Plus Cardan and Jude is one of the most powerful and intriguing couple ever written.

Yep, you bet a spell was cast on me. Lol.


2.) All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven

Because, because!!! Most of us readers are future-tellers – we can predict what will happen in most books we read. I predicted the ending. I knew what the ending would be and yet I kept reading. Even though that time when I read this, my depression was at its worst. It was stupid to read or finish this book because I know it will kill me, IN A BAD WAY. there’s only few other books who impacted me as hard as this book did. I had to see my psychologist the next morning. Yeah, it was bad and I cried the whole night. So see, there was a spell involved. I’m sure of it. LOL. But the truth is, it’s because this book is REALLY WELL-WRITTEN. I even rated it 5 stars. A reader just have to go into this cautious with trigger warnings.

3.) The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

Because, because!!! This book is filled with all the tropes and elements I avoid. SERIOUSLY. And I can’t even say it here because I don’t want to spoil it but yeah, I kept reading till the end, in one sitting. My face was glued to the book. I’m pretty sure the signs of tears on the pages of my copy are still there. I was a mess reading it but IN A GOOD WAY. How is that possible? The tropes and elements in this book are just not for me and yet it became one of my ALL-TIME FAVE BOOKS. A casting of spell was involved, I’m sure and hey, I hope to be the victim of this particular spell over and over because what a reading experience…
My REVIEW HERE (you might wanna read my review to see how crazy I was about this book)

4.) The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

Because, because!!! OK, I’m not the biggest fan of this book. I think it was fine, just fine, but I didn’t realize it until I was done reading. And I read it one sitting. (I guess by now, you already know 90% of the books I read, I read in one sitting.) I literally questioned myself why did I keep reading? Here, I really believed I was bewitched, charmed, enamored, enchanted, hypnotized, tranced, spellbound… yeah, I can give you more synonyms.

Seriously though, while reading I thought it’s the most beautiful book I’ve ever read, like hands down. But when I’m done with it, I was like, no it’s not. I’m not making any sense but it was what I felt.

5.) The Beautiful by Renee Ahdieh

Because, because!!! Ok, I rated this book just three stars and I know you’ve been seeing this book in my posts lately but it’s actually the first book that came in mind when I was about to start writing this post. I can say I was enchanted to by this book but not because of the book itself.

I know, I know, I’m not making any sense. LOL. What I meant was it was the setting. The setting was in 1872 New Orleans and I don’t know, whenever the setting is New Orleans (or other atmospheric place with history or myths on paranormal creatures) I feel like I’m pulled into the story even though the story itself is not that appealing.

Kindly READ MY REVIEW guys. I put my everything in that review. LOL.

There you have it guys. Sorry this is late and sorry about the Gifs. I don’t what happened to me. I just feel like using gifs.

4 thoughts on “5 Books That Cast A Spell on Me

  1. AHHH! The Cruel Prince series is one where like… I don’t WANT to be in on the hype… but I TOTALLY am anyways! ahahah can’t help it… Holly Black knows what I like!

    As for your experience with The Beautiful… I can totally understand. Sometimes a setting is the best part of a book!

    Loved your choices! Thanks for joining!!


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