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I’m here again for another blog tour courtesy of Shalini from Digital Reads Blog Tours. I really owe her a lot. I’ve found and discovered amazing books which I wouldn’t have found if not through Digital Reads. Thank you Shalini. πŸ’– Anyway, today’s book is an anthology, a collection of murder mystery short stories written by several authors and I’m so excited to share my favorites. πŸ™‚


TITLE: Death Among Us
(See Below)
Mystery, Anthology, Short Stories
July 7th 2019 by Hendry Publishing


Who knew death could be so eclectic? Relish this mesmerizing murder mystery mash-up of short stories.

Murder and mystery have been the staple of literature and films for years. This anthology of short stories will thrill and entertain you. Some will also make you laugh out loud. Others will stop and make you think. Think of this murder mystery short story anthology as a book version of appetisers or starters, hors d’oeuvre, meze, or antipasti. It can be read as fillers between books or, as is the case in some countries, as a bookish meze – in its own right.

There’s murder mystery styles and locations to suit all tastes: detective fiction, serial killers, scifi, histfic, England, Los Angeles, San Francisco, The Great Lakes, Las Vegas, the Nevada desert, Mexico and more in an exquisite exposition of the art of short story telling. These stories come from an international cast of authors; some with bestselling books, others are emerging or new talents. Their roots, cultures, and life experiences are as diverse as their writing styles.

But one thing binds them together: they know how to tell a story.


I expected reviewing an anthology is as hard as reviewing a collection of poems but surprisingly reviewing “Death Among Us” isn’t that hard. Why, because everything is clear to me. I know exactly what I liked about this collection and why I finished it in one sitting.

First of all, I like the title: Death Among Us. This is such a perfect title for this collection. As stated, the main theme is murder but that doesn’t mean the collection lacks variety. The short stories broaden its scope, taking into different settings and subgenres. Maybe because they were written by different authors, and that I felt like I hit jackpot with this book. Why, instead of owning one, I feel like I’m owning several books which means every short story stood out in my mind. I liked how meticulously each story was crafted, just giving enough about the plot. Enough and yet made me want to urge the authors to make them a full-length novel. And by the way, I didn’t know, not one of these authors, which is shame on me.

My favorite books from each author:

“The Rose Slayer” by Stephen Bentley: This is actually an award-winning short story and upon reading it, it’s clear why it won an award. The story is very clever and interesting. Amusing in some way, and I don’t mean this in a bad way. But for me as a reader and reviewer, it made me grin and when you read it, you’ll understand why. I also found Stephen Bentley’s Author’s notes in connection with The Rose Slayer.

“Hello World” & “Goodbye World” by Greg Alldredge: These two short stories are connected and surprise, surprise, a sci-fi. I’m not really a sci-fi fan but put AI in a murder mystery? I’m sold. The plot was really well done, I couldn’t wait to find out the twist and I wasn’t disappointed. The mystery was at a different level. I love it and the ending made me want for MORE.

“Bad Bones” by Kelly Artieri: This one is quite predictable, at least for me, but still my fave among the three short stories written by the author. I just thought it was so well-written and the suspense is always present. It’s very eerie. I can totally imagine the scenes playing out, creepy and intriguing.

“Justice is Never Served” by Robbie Cheadle: The title pulled me right into the story and oh my God, the first few paragraphs promised the creepiest story. And creepy, the story was. It’s also so twisted. It creeps the hell out of me whenever babies or kids are part of horror and suspense plots. This short story made me feel many things.

“Monitaur” by Michael Spinelli: Like I said, it creeps me more when babies are part of stories like this and so needless to say, I found this story so creepy involving a new parents and their baby Lola. I kind of think the author is a fan of Stephen King, not only The Shining is part of the story but the writing resembles a bit of that SK’s. And this is not a bad thing. This one is really well-written.

“A Deadly Lady” & “Stop Me If You Can” by L. Lee Kane: They’re two connected stories but the first one is my favorite because it’s what made me “whoah”. I really liked the turning point the character made.

“Something about the Gift of Beauty” by Kay Castaneda: From the title to the story itself, it was brilliant. I love the underlying theme or the double meaning of THE GIFT or beauty. Why would anyone try to kill “Beauty” indeed?

“The Neighbours” by Aly Locatelli: I was grinning by the end of this story and then I realized, OMG, I shouldn’t be grinning. But since this is fiction, forgive me. I just love when people open their eyes to the truth and do something about it and not remained foolish.

“Canceled” by Justine Bauer: The thing I like about this story is it’s too twisted because the characters are too calm about what’s happened and happening. And I like how the story is really TOO short and yet have given me a lot.

“Next” by G: There’s this long note by Stephen Bentley introducing “G” before the stories and he said, he’s sure the readers will understand why he included “Next” even though it’s not murder-themed. And I can only say that yes, as a reader, I’m even glad he included it. It’s supposed to be a part of this anthology.

So there you have it guys. This is such a long, long review but it’s OK. I highly recommend this anthology even though a couple of the stories in it didn’t appeal to me, thus the 4-star rating, still this is a great collection.



As there are over 20 stories, I will add two excerpts from two stories below:

From Justice is Never Served by Robbie Cheadle

The baby in the crib started to moan and thrash about as the temperature in the room dropped dramatically. The narrow lips of the dark shape at the newly opened door twisted into something that passed as a smile, an action which transformed her ugly face into a picture of pure evil and malevolence. 

From The Neighbours by Aly Locatelli

She found herself filled with bitterness and remorse as the door opened and two detectives filed in. One was tall and thin, the other short and stocky. Such a clichΓ© it almost made her laugh. She bit her tongue, reached for her coffee, and said nothing. The two detectives introduced themselves as Detectives Spinner and Boyd, but the names were soon forgotten.



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1.) Stephen Bentley is a former UK Detective Sergeant, barrister, and author of a bestselling undercover cop memoir. He also writes crime fiction.
Links: Instagram | Twitter

2.) Greg Alldredge grew up in the United States reading all the excellent Science Fiction and Fantasy of the past decades. He hopes to add his voice, in a small way, to the giants of the genres. He wants to write stories he himself would want to read and hopes to be successful as a storyteller first.
LINKS: Instagram | Twitter

3.) Kelly Artieri is a professional illustrator and award-winning author of a personal memoir β€˜A Spot in My Heart.’ Living in the Buffalo, New York area, Kelly is a passionate storyteller about real life. Now she is using her creative voice at story telling murder mystery style.
LINKS: Instagram | Twitter

4.) Robbie, short for Roberta, Cheadle is a South African author with six published children’s picture books in the Sir Chocolate books series for children. She has also authored the Silly Willy series and a fictionalised biography about her mother’s life as a young girl growing up in an English town in Suffolk during World War II.
LINKS: Instagram | Twitter

5.) Michael Spinelli is married with two children, a transplant from New York to Florida. Mike enjoys family time, reading, watching movies and of course, writing things that increase your heart rate.
LINKS: Twitter

6.) L. Lee Kane, M.A., known as Linda, is the author of several adult fiction books, and children’s books. She lives with her husband, two dogs, and seven horses in the Central Valley of California.
LINKS: Instagram | Twitter

7.) Kay Castaneda is retired from a career as a college writing instructor and special education tutor. She earned a B.A. and M.A. in English at Indiana University. Her publications include poetry, fiction and creative non-fiction in literary journals plus articles about education for scholarly reference books.
LINKS: Twitter

8.) Aly Locatelli is a 25-year-old book blogger and reviewer from the UK. She has been doing that for over five years and now started freelancing as a beta-reader, editor and proof-reader. Aly also aspires to be a writer. This is the first time any of her work has been published.
LINKS: Instagram | Twitter

9.) Justin Bauer is born in Columbus, Ohio. He studied English Literature at the Ohio State University, graduating in 2016. He is the author of three books.
LINKS: Instagram | Twitter

10.) Posthumously by β€˜G’ or Gerry died in 2017. He used the name β€˜G’ when writing short stories. This is how he described himself not long before his untimely death: G is a 69 yo Hippie, world traveler, straight talker/writer, with no regrets. He’s been writing since he found a sharp crayon and empty wall space.


Jessica E Larsen


Angry Old Man

Val Odylicious



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