2021 Reading Challenges I’m Joining

Hi Blisses,

Just because I failed miserably on my reading challenges last year doesn’t mean I won’t try again this year. 2020 is a special year for me not only because this is a new year and a start of a new decade, but because I know I’m now a changed person. I know I’m a better version of myself and I can’t really explain it but I have a good feeling for 2020. I believe this is a start of a great phase of my life. *fingers crossed*

That said, I’m sure it’s true to my reading life as well. I’m only joining three reading challenges this year but they are good ones, and I must say, massive ones. So without further ado, here are the reading challenges I’m joining this year…


This reading challenge has 50 prompts (40 standard prompts and 10 Advanced prompts) and i’d be lying if I say that the prompts are easy. They’re NOT. They’re harder than previous years. I told you, I’m joining big reading challenges this year. 🙂 Here’s MY SIGN UP POST if you want to know more about this challenge.


This reading challenge is a no-brainer but that doesn’t make this easy. First, 26 titles for 26 alphabets is plenty. Second, there are letters that are hard to find titles for, such as X and Z. But I’ve been joining this challenge in the last three years and I almost always finish it so I’m hopeful.
Here’s MY SIGN UP post if you want to know more about this challenge.


This year I pledged 150 books. I know I can read that many. Last year, I read 122, the year before, 200, and 150+ the year before. My count’s always around 150-200. The only problem last year was I had a lot of slumps and I had to take care of some personal matters. So I’m hopeful this year. 🙂

There you have it guys. These are all the challenges I’m joining this year. Aside from these, I’m planning to join monthly challenges but i’m still undecided which ones. If you know some monthly reading challenges, share them with me so we can join them together. 🙂

How about you, what are the reading challenges you’re doing this year? Are we joining the same challenges? let’s chat.:)

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