2020 Reading Goals

Hi Blisses,

I don’t think I’ve ever shared my reading goals here on my blog before. All I post are TBRs. I’m not good at following my TBR lists, but hopefully I do a good job with my generalized reading goals. This is a new year, a new decade and I’m a better version of myself. I will do better and that’s why, my first reading goal for this year is…

1.) Read Smarter

These past few years, I feel like my reading became too bland. Reading doesn’t impact me as much as it did before and that terrifies me more than you can ever know. It’s because my reading life matters as much as my writing life. If my reading life is bland, my writing would be bland too. For me as a writer, reading is a tool of learning but these past few years, I feel like I’ve been reading, just reading. I just want to finish the book without going deeper into the story, into the characters the way I used to do.

This year, I will read smarter. I’ll dissect every book I read, learn from the author’s style, learn from the characters about life and I will not put down the book without learning from it.

By the way, my reading count goals won’t be in this list because my reading count goal changes every month. There’s no point of listing it here.

2.) Read out of my comfort zone

This is still a part of Reading Smarter because my main goal with reading out of my comfort zone is to read more nonfiction books. They’re very helpful, I know that now. Not only self-help and instructional books, but also biographies, memoirs, essays, etc. I’m especially keen to read more nonfiction books about writing.

But reading out of my comfort zone also means reading more YA Contemporary, Historical Fiction,Classics, and even Childrens and Middle Grade. These are the genres that I don’t usually read. I tend to focus on Fantasy and Romance, but I realize I’m missing so much because there’s a lot of good books from these genres. So I’ll make sure that my monthly TBRs have these genres.

Image from my Instagram: @lilikmarcus

3.) Series TBR Purge

Once upon a time, I was that kind of reader who read a series from the first book to the last. I’m not the kind of person who loves to wait. If I start a story I want to see how it ends and as soon as possible. So I usually don’t start a series unless I own all the books in it.

But I’ve changed.

I have several unfinished series on my TBR. I own the books, I just don’t read them. This year, I’m set to finish most of them. And to motivate me more, I’ll post a list of all the series on my TBR that I need to get into.

4.) DNF more

DNF’ing is therapeutic. Two years ago, you wouldn’t hear me saying this. I’m really new to DNF’ing. I used to really try finishing the book despite how I feel about it. Then my shelves ran out of space. I own a lot of bokks now. I have a lot to read. My TBR list gets longer every day, so I decided DNF’ing is inevitable because why? Why would I waste my time on books I’m not enjoying? Why would I waste my time on books that ruin my mood? My mental state matters so if a book that I’m supposed to be enjoying is giving me a pain, I’m out.

That’s why it’s therapeutic because DNF’ing is like letting myself know that I have control on what I want myself to get into. I’m probably not making any sense but whatever. I love DNF’ing now.

5.) AUDIOBOOKS…Audiobooks!!!

This is another time-friendly goal. Also like with DNF’ing, I’m new to audiobooks. It’s no secret that I’m a fast reader and I can’t read fast with audiobooks. It takes too long. I can change speed but it would ruin the narration so I don’t bother listening. But then something magical happened one time I took a 10-hour bus commute. I was bored to death. I didn’t bring a book with (my fault) and I don’t want to look at my kindle’s screen for hours. So I listened to an audiobook.

Turned out my choice of book was perfect. It was Alice in Wonderland and wow, I was blown away. If you’re new or trying audiobook for the first time, I highly recommend listening to this book. The atmosphere of the story is really perfect for narrating. It’s amazing. Suddenly, I appreciate the charm of audiobooks.

Image from my Instagram: @lilikmarcus

Minor Reading Goals

1.) Read More Self-Published Books

This is a minor goal because I already do this. I’ve been doing this for years. Hopefully though I can find more self-published books that are good. If you know one, recommend them to me.

2.) Read books written by fellow bloggers/youtubers

Minor goal because I only know few bloggers and youtubers who are already published. Hopefully, and I really want this from the bottom of my heart, I hope a lot of our fellow bloggers and youtubers who are aspiring authors get published this year. That would be amazing.

There you have it guys. These are all my goals for this year and hopefully, I get through all of them. By the way, I’ll also post a flip-through of my journal by the end of this month so you get a proper look at how am I doing on my goals.

How about you? What are your goals this year? Share them to me? Let’s encourage each other.

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