10 Bookish Discoveries I Made in 2019

Hi Blisses,

I wasn’t sure I would be able to come up with Ten Bookish discoveries. I wasn’t even sure I had that plenty of discoveries last year, maybe if it’s last decade, it’s possible. But what do I know, because I did end up listing ten. These discoveries are discoveries I made last year as a reader in general. You’ll see authors, genre and most importantly, habits in my list. I’m actually amazed after coming up with this list. I realized how much I matured as a reader throughout the years. I now like things I used to stay away from and do things I used to dislike. It’s just a great realization and I’m so excited to share them with you.

But before sharing the list, this meme, Top Ten Tuesday, is hosted by Jana a.k.a That Artsy Reader Girl and she comes up with this amazing topic. If you haven’t checked her site yet, I highly recommend it.

Okay, now let’s begin…

1.) Audiobooks are amazing

I’m a fast reader and it’s very advantageous to be one. I can read up to four books a day if I have nothing else to do or in 24-hour readathons. If it’s a normal day, I can read one or two depends on their sizes. I can’t do that with audiobooks. Audiobooks take so long. Sure I can adjust the speed but the would ruin the narration. But last year, while in a 10-hour bus commute, I ended up listening to an audiobook out of boredom. I listened to Alice in Wonderland and man, was it so good. Since then I already listened to a few other audiobooks including Coraline, Aesop’s Fables and even non-fiction books.

Speaking of non-fiction books…

2.) Non-Fiction books are awesome

The only non-fiction book I read are textbooks and the Bible (I’m a Christian). I just find non-fiction books boring and pointless. Like, I don’t appreciate their essence. BUT then one of my guy best friends recommended “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” to me. I was fascinated by the fact that my best friend recommended it to me. He is NOT a reader. He’s an engineer and wouldn’t read a book unless it has pictures and mathematical or scientific diagrams. LOL. So I tried reading his recommendation and I ended up loving it.

I feel like I really matured as a reader and as a person, in general, these past few years because I already appreciate things I used to ignore. Non-fiction books are really helpful. Since then I’ve listened to other non-fiction books and I love it when my principles in life are being challenged by what I’m reading. It’s amazing.

3.) DNF’ing is OK

DNF’ing was once a big no-no for me. I just don’t believe in giving up on a book. I do respect people doing that but I just don’t do it. But last year, one of the things I became comfortable as a reader is DNF’ing. It doesn’t bother me anymore. I’m so OK with it and I think it’s really reasonable to do it. I regret the times I wasted time on books that didn’t benefit me at all.

4.) Stephen King is a KING

I knew Stephen King is a great writer but I wouldn’t call myself a fan of his. Until Pet Sematary. Pet Sematary is not the first book I read from Stephen King but it’s what made me a fan. The theme of that book is Grief and I love how King explores that theme and it’s perfect. To be honest, in Pet Sematary, the plot itself isn’t that grand and in some way even predictable but King explored and take the readers to layers of grief that everything in the book, the characters, and everything happens to them and whatever they do means more. I think it’s one of King’s strength as a writer, he really knows how to take his readers in the center of his books’ themes.

5.) Books deserve a second chance

This is so true. I am known as a fan of rereading. I don’t worry about picking up books I already read several times before, but before last year, I had never picked up a book I once put down. Until Penny Reid. I DNF’ed one of her famous series but for some reason, I wanted to try them again. It took me a while to pick them up again though because of TIME. When I did, I realized I shouldn’t have worried about time at all. Picking up Penny Reid’s books made me realize that books deserve a second chance. I became Penny’s ultimate fan.

And of course, Penny Reid is next…

6.) Penny Reid – new favorite Contemporary Author

If I hadn’t tried picking up her books after DNF’ing them, it would’ve been a waste. I’m now really, fully and extremely in love with her books and with Penny herself. I see her as one of the smartest authors I know and she writes the funniest, quirkiest characters ever. God, I love her.

7.) Non-Romance Books have a place in my heart

I love romance. It’s my go-to genre. I love it as a main genre and even as a side genre. I would eat up even a hint of romance in a book. I want my books, whatever the genre is to have romance. Maybe that’s why I used to not read non-fiction. But last year I’ve read “Radio Silence” and wow, the romance isn’t there at all. There’s love but it was platonic and I LOVE it. I never thought I would enjoy the story as much as I did. I’m now in a hunt for books that have no romance but just friendship or brotherhood/sisterhood.

It was even more amazing discovery because Radio Silence is a YA Contemporary which I used to stay away from. USED TO…

8.) Young Adult Contemporary is Fine

I used to stay away from this genre. I just felt like they’re all the same. Same drama and usually in high school. Same rebellious act. Same realizations. I mean they’re realistic, we’ve all been teenagers before, but still Young Adult Contemporary didn’t appeal to me that much. I didn’t hate the genre, I just stay away from it. But then, I started my 2019 with lots of YA Contemporary, thanks to the Online Book Club I host. Surprisingly, I ended up liking every YA Contemporary novel I read last year. Some of them were just OK but most of them I really liked. To name a few: Radio Silence, Dumplin’ and A Very Large Expanse of Sea.

9.) Sci-fi is fun

I do read sci-fi but most often I end up bored reading them. When I read, I usually finish a book in one sitting. I can’t do that with sci-fi but along the way, I would get bored and put down the book to take a break. Even if the book is generally okay, I still get the feeling that I need a break from it. I find it as not as fun as other genres.

Last year though I realized, it depends on the writer. I should’ve tried reading Jay Kristoff and Brandon Sanderson years ago. Speaking of Brandon Sanderson…

10.) Brandon Sanderson knows

Brandon Sanderson knows what he’s doing. I’m now an ultimate fan. I read Skyward last year and was blown away. I loved it so much. True, I haven’t read anything else from him yet but it’s only because I’m still collecting his books. They’re all in series and I don’t want to start one without owning the others.

There you have it guys. I know it’s a long post and I thank you if you reach this part. These bookish discoveries really matter to me because they show how much I matured as a reader.

How about you? What are the bookish discoveries you had last year year? Let’s chat.

28 thoughts on “10 Bookish Discoveries I Made in 2019

  1. I loved this post! I really need to step up my non fiction game in 2020 and I definitely learned to be ok with DNFing as well over the years (although I still feel guilty; especially if it’s an ARC). xD

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  2. Great discoveries Lili! I still haven’t read anything by King or Sanderson 🙈 they’re on my 2020 TBR though. I discovered my love of sci fi last year as well. I’m so glad I delved one to the genre. My fav was Becky Chambers’ To be taught if fortunate. Have you read that? It’s amazing 😍 Jen


    1. Hi Jen. 🙂 I highly recommend reading “Pet Sematary” by Stephen King. Hopefully it makes you a fan too. I’ve read his other famous books such as IT and Carrie long ago but they didn’t make me a fan. I’ll definitely check out Becky Chambers.

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  3. DNFing and rereading both made my list as well! I LOVE to reread and was disappointed when I discovered I’d only reread 4 books last year. I’m hoping I can change that in 2020! Looks like you had a great year of discoveries and broadening your reading genres too!

    My TTT

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  4. LILI!! I am actual months behind on blog hopping, so I am very sorry… but I am going to catch up on like 62 of your blog posts now!!
    Also, I love that you’re giving YA contemporary a shot! Let me know if you need recommendations?! 😘


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