WWW Wednesday, 01/15/20

Hi Blisses,

I almost skip posting my WWW this week. I’m busy binge-watching a k-drama and honestly I don’t feel well. I feel suffocated because I haven’t been going out of my room. There’s this volcano in the region where I live and it’s erupting. The ashfall reaches all the provinces surrounding it, and it’s worse for me because I have olfactory issues.

Anyway, I can’t do anything but relax, so I’m binge-watching some kdrama. I had no intention posting today but I realized I finished 4 books last week and it would be a shame not to share the accomplishment. πŸ™‚ By the way, this meme is hosted by Sam from Taking on a World of Words and you can learn everything about this meme by the end of this post. So without further ado…

#3 Questions are to be Answered

1.) What are you currently reading?

Actually, I haven’t started Geekerella yet but it’s already on the bedside table so it will be my next read. “I Can’t Make This Up” is the first of the 20 non-fiction books I’m planning to read this year. I already started it and I find it highly entertaining.

2.) What did you recently finished?

Like I said I finished 4 books but The Sun Also Rises is pretty short so there’s that.

1.) Love Hacked – I really love this book and considering I once DNF’ed this one, that says a lot. You can see my review HERE.

2.) Save the Date – I’m sad to say that this book didn’t make me a Morgan Matson fan. Don’t get me wrong, the book is OK and I’ll still read her other works but I can’t say I’m excited to read them. This book turned to be just an OK read to me. My short Goodreads Review HERE.

3.) The Sun Also Rises – I shouldn’t have reread this one because I ended up rating it just 2 stars. I know Hemingway is an amazing writer but this book is just…I don’t like it a bit. My Goodreads Review HERE.

4.) Aru Shah and the End of Time – I really love Roshani Chokshi’s writing so reading this is such a treat. I also ended up liking the story in general and the main character is so adorable. I’ll be reviewing this book in my blog one of these days.

3.) What do you think you’ll read next?

There you have it guys. I’m curious as to what books are in your radar this week. Also keep giving me recommendations. I plan to read a lot this year. πŸ™‚

Have you read any of these books? Are they on your TBR too? What do you think of them? What’s on your TBR this week? Let’s chat.

24 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday, 01/15/20

  1. I didn’t know Kevin Hart had a book, I was just watching his Netflix docu-series just this past weekend & found it interesting, I’ll look into this one. The Flatshare is on my TBR, I hope we both end up loving it. Happy reading! ❀

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    1. Same, but I’m glad I found it. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ I really like Kevin Hart as a comedian. You’re the second person who told me about the docu-series so I think I’ll watch it this weekend too. πŸ™‚

      #Happy reading


  2. I hope the volcano situation improves soon! I can definitely recommend The Flatshare if you are looking for an easy and fun read… Although I guess your current reads do fit that bill too. I’m curious about I Can’t Make This Up now! I hope you will enjoy your books this week and happy reading. xx

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  3. Looks like you’ve had a succesfull week! That’s a lot of books finished up. I recently watched Kevin Hart’s netflix docu series and it was so much more entertaining/interestinh than I would have thought. I didn’t even know he had a book. Might have to give that a try at some point. Have a great week!

    My WWW

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  4. I hope you enjoy the Flatshare! I enjoy Julie James’ books. I haven’t read It Happened One Wedding though, hopefully it’s good. I’ll keep an eye out for your review!


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