Song of the Dryad by Natalia Leigh (Book Review)

Hi Blisses,

One of my reading goals this year is to read books written by fellow bloggers and booktubers/authortubers. Here’s the first of the many that I will read. I purchased an e-book copy of this book last year and thank God, I finally get to read it.

TITLE: Song of the Dryad
BY: Natalia Leigh
GENRE: Young Adult, Modern Fantasy, Romance
PUBLICATION: October 2018 by Enchanted Ink Publishing

What a magical experience despite the fact that it lacks the tension one expects from a genre of this kind. However, the underlying theme of the novel makes up for its lack.

Song of the Dryad features everything Fae but it all centered with Charlotte Barclay, a 17-year old violinist who has a beautiful family and lives in a house near the woods – Greenwood – and spends her time practicing for her audition to a great music school. Until her mom went missing. Charlotte’s world suddenly shifted and she was left with no choice but to let the odd memories from her childhood alive again. Memories of creatures she knows are not human, memories that she’d been trying to ignore ever since she encountered a hideous, frightening creature when she was nine. Because no matter what she think, believing in their existent might be the only way to save  her mom.

First of all, reading this gives me a nostalgic feeling in a good way and for a reason I’m not comfortable to share. I love this story and it’s precious to me, but then again, I can’t exactly share why. Just know that this story warmed my heart which is why I enjoyed reading this despite the fact that it lacks some element I’m usually fond of in a book of this genre. But before I dig deeper into the negatives, let me first get through the positive.

I love the world the author created. Sure this is contemporary and modern world meets magical realms but I truly love how vivid the descriptions are. The magical worlds are easy to imagine and all the creatures turned alive on the pages. I love it. I also love that the author didn’t focus on just one kind of magical creatures, she mentioned and included a lot, even the ones I wasn’t familiar with. It just great to know more magical creatures.

One must believe in magic to see the things that magic touches.

Natalia Leigh Song of the (Dryad)

I don’t have any problem with all the characters. I think they’re okay but if I would choose a favorite, it would be the Brownie who serves as Charlotte’s sidekick throughout the novel. I also like Charlotte’s optimism. It’s empowering and contagious. The relationships of the characters are okay too, especially Charlotte’s family and her best friend. Though I would’ve liked to know more about the coven but they’d served their purpose on the story well enough so it’s okay. Maybe the author can write a separate story for them though. The romance is fairly done, I guess. It’s not really that grand which is fine with me. I mean this is young adult and still contemporary despite the fantasy element. Charlotte’s only seventeen and for me, there’s no need for I’ll-die-for-you kind of love. It’s just a lot to take in if it’s set in a modern world.

My favorite element of the story is actually its underlying theme. This book is like a love letter to humanity  regarding our views and relationship with nature. This seems like an old-fashion notion but I love it, and I think this is an important theme.

The only issue of this book is its lack of tension. Though personally, it isn’t that much of an issue for me because I ended up liking it, which is kind of weird. I know it would be a problem to most readers. The pace is fine but that tense feeling just wasn’t there. Reading this reminds me of when I read Alice in Wonderland. It’s all so magical and amazing and just overall great but I didn’t feel tense or was it ever crossed my mind that something terrifying is about to happen. That said, don’t expect some big twist or revelation at the end. Also, it did feel like the journey Charlotte had to take is a bit easier than it should be. I won’t say much because then I’d be spoiling things.

RATING: 3.5 Blissful Pages with Lilies

I guess, this is a perfect read when you just want to chill and the weather is colder. Perfect as an autumn read too. Overall, I enjoyed reading this book and I intend to read more from Natalia Leigh. I really hope she makes a prequel of this story, based on that journal.

Have you read this book? Or planning to? What fairy novels can you recommend to me? Let’s chat.

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