Jamie Quinn Mystery 1-3 by Barbara Venkataraman (Book Review)

Hi Blisses,

I’m here to share my thoughts on a cozy mystery series called “Jamie Quinn Mystery” and I read book 1-3. An e-copy is actually sent to me by the author and since I like it, I’m reviewing it. What I’m going to do is short reviews for each book and then a generalized one at the end.

Jamie Quinn, our protagonist is an attorney specializing in family law and in the beginning of the series, she’s currently getting over the death of her mother. But she’s about to be entangled into cases she’s not even an expert of. But as a reluctant lawyer, Jamie shows such conviction and skill rooting from the concern and care she has for the people around her.

BOOK 1 – Death by Didgeridoo

Jamie is pulled into a murder case when her cousin Adam is accused of killing an ex-rockstar, an ex-rockstar who has more enemies than friends making the search for the killer harder. It’s even harder because Adam confessed to the murder.

A fast read. Though it’s a beginning of a series, I didn’t find an issue of over-exposition. I found myself easily engaged into the protagonist’s narration. Showing a reluctant lawyer with a heart shouldn’t be easy but here, it’s really well done. It’s easy to feel for Jamie as she worries and struggles on how to help her cousin who she obviously loves. I like her. The case itself is interesting as the victim is a former rockstar, and the suspect/accused, Adam, has Asperger’s. That representation was well done too. And then there’s the didgeridoo which, really, I had no idea what. It’s an Australian wind instrument. As for the characters, Jamie is great but if I have to choose a favorite, it would be the P.I. Jamie hired, Duke Broussard. Duke is an interesting character, has an over-whelming self-confidence and really hilarious. Through I was really expecting him to do some “dirty” works because it was stated that Jamie needed a P.I. who’s willing to do dirty investigation. For me, what he did were just classic investigative works. Not really dirty.

BOOK 2 – The Case of the Killer Divorce

With her practice, Jamie is not new to cases getting messy and complicated, especially if the case is between husbands and wives, but it gets next-level messy when the husband of her client turned up dead. Jamie’s client is easily considered suspect. She has all the motives with the fierce custody battle and new boyfriend. Again, Jamie finds herself in search of facts.

This one surprised me because I liked how the husband died. It’s a little but important detail. I won’t say it to avoid spoiler. I just found the idea a bit new. But I have a bit issue on how things were easily resolved. It’s like things were handed to Jamie a little too easily. When Jamie needs something, it’s there. When she has questions, answers are given. I do love the side plot. Jamie is looking for her father and racial issue was touched a bit and I’m pretty sure, there will be more about this in the next book. That said, I’m so excited for what book 3 has in store for Jamie.

BOOK 3 – Peril in the Park

Have I mentioned that Jamie got a boyfriend. No? Okay, she did and I won’t tell you which book she met him. But in Peril in the Park, Jamie’s boyfriend, Kip, takes center stage. Being the Head of the Broward County Parks shouldn’t be threatening but Kip have been the target of threats since taking over his position. Jamie, again, must solve a mystery in order to save her boyfriend.

The series just becomes political and I’m here for it. The case, for me, is more complex than the ones in the previous books, and the life at stake is too close to Jamie. I think the series is getting more and more personal making each story more and more engaging. As a reader, I love getting invested emotionally to the characters I’m reading and so I love seeing Jamie react more emotionally than before. With Kip being in danger, Jamie is more determined than ever and her investigative skill seems improved as well. There’s this thing about her father too. Like I said, things in the series are getting more personal in each book and I get to know Jamie more.


I love The Concept of a lawyer dealing with cases not related to her practice and instead, her motivation to solve the cases is merely to help the people around her. Jamie is a lawyer with a heart. The author also did a good job at making each book better than the last, the stakes are high and Jamie is more invested. But still, I love that despite how serious the cases are, the stories manage to avoid getting dark. If you love cozy mysteries, this series is perfect. Although I must say, I felt like some elements in the story weren’t completely developed in each book. I felt this in book 1 but then I read book 2 and realized that the development happens as a series and not individually.

Also in each book, like I said, I get to know Jamie more and more making the reading like a process of getting to know someone, someone I’ll be bestfriends with someday. Jamie seems like a person who’s fun to hang out with. I based that on the writing. The narration strikes me as very friendly. I think this is the first time I’ve described a narration friendly, but when you read the series, you’ll understand. I like the way Jamie tells the story, her voice is friendly and her humour, though mild, makes the narration light and the reading easy.

Obviously, I love Jamie as a protagonist. She’s relatable and always trying to right the wrongs around her, especially if the wrong involves someone she cares about. But Jamie is not the only likeable character in the series. I already mentioned Duke but I still want to talk about him, because so far, he’s my favorite character. I was so happy when he was introduced. He’s really funny even though, I know in real life, if he’s not my friend, I would dislike him. He’s too full of himself. πŸ˜€ But in a good way. Imagine a friend who always talks about his good attributes, but obviously doing it for humour. I have lots of friends like this, in fact I’m like this myself, but only to my close friends, of course. Other people might misunderstood and end up hating me. I really have low self-esteem (still working on it) so I can only do this with my closest friends, who in return would bash me. I think this is why I love Jamie and Duke’s friendship. They’re exactly like this.

I really love all the relationships in this book. Aside from Duke, Jamie has a best friend named Grace. They’re like sisters and always there for each other. Jamie’s relationship with her boyfriend, Kip, is a nice one too. Though there was this danger in book 3, the romance itself is mild. I love that the romance is mild and not an almost main plot in the series. That said, I’m thankful that there’s no romantic element between the main characters — Duke and Jamie — and only pure friendship. Such an amazing duo.

Finally, I must say again that the representations were well done. The asperger’s syndrome, mental health, political corruption — I like the way they were inserted in the plot lines of each book. The author didn’t try to be preachy and didn’t seem like she just wanted to have those representation in her books. They’re involvement were naturally included, like the story would be incomplete if other reps were used. So that’s well-done.

OVERALL RATING: 4 blissful pages with lilies

Overall, I enjoy reading this series. I read all three books in two days, though my goodreads history might say a different thing. I just always update my reading on goodreads late. Anyway, I highly recommend this one, especially to cozy mystery fans.

Are you familiar with this series? Or have you read it? Any book in the same genre that you can recommend to me? Let’s chat?

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