Hour Zero + TBR (Day-A-Thon February 2020)

Hi Blisses,

It’s time guys. As you all know Nori and I are doing our Day-A-Thon tonight/today. Day-A-Thon is our own version of a 24-Hour Readathon and if you want to know more about it or you want to join us, you can visit THIS POST.

It’s officially 8 p.m. where I am so it means, I’m starting. I’m pretty sure Nori started an hour ago. Yes, we start at different times because the rule is to start at 8 pm wherever we are. This is a personal readathon and the two of us only do this for fun so we’re not that strict about time.

I’m planning to read only two books, but I’ll be listing three. I only want to read fantasy but I’m not sure what my mood will be so I have to throw in one contemporary.

I’m going to review these books right after reading them. I’ve done this before so I know I can do it. I’ll also post updates once in a while to share how I am with my reading.

That’s it guys. I’m going to read now. I think I’ll start with Serpent and Dove.

Remember, you can join us if you want. Just let me or Nori know, here or on twitter. Kindly check the link I shared above for more info.

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