Hour Twelve (Day-A-Thon February 2020)

Hi Blisses,

Okay, it’s actually hour 14 now but I didn’t make a banner for Hour 14 so let’s just pretend it’s only Hour 12. So what now…

Last night I finished “Serpent and Dove” and wow, people. I shouldn’t have waited this long to read it. I love it so much. Whenever I feature this book in my WWW Wednesday posts, I’m told they enjoyed the book which made me more excited to read it. But I’m also told that it’s a book with mixed reviews, like you either love it or not. I’m very happy to say that I’m one of those who loved it.

I rated it 4.5 stars. That’s a big deal because I haven’t rated any book with 5 stars this year, and so Serpent and Dove is by far my highest-rated book of the year. Just wow. I love it so much and you’ll learn more about it and my love for it in my review which will be posted after this. I already wrote the review, I just need to re-check and maybe edit it again. I mean, I slept too late last night and I’m still sleepy so I’m not a hundred percent confident with my writing right now. šŸ™‚

Speaking of last night, after finishing Serpent and Dove, I immediately started The Grace Year. I’m currently at 9th chapter and so far, I’m loving it. I think I chose the right books to read for this day-a-thon. The Grace Year and Serpent and Dove has some kind of similar atmosphere in them.

But after editing my review for Serpent and Dove, I won’t be back to reading yet. I figured I need a break so I’ll be watching a Korean movie. It’s called A Taxi Driver.

I believe this movie is based on true stories happened during Korea’s martial law. I’m not really sure but I’m very, very interested to see this movie.

Okay, I’ll be back later with my Hour 18 update. I’m pretty sure I’ll be finished with my 2nd book by then.

See you later guys.

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