Chasing Cassandra by Lisa Kleypas (Book Review)

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I wasn’t really planning on posting a full review for this but I’m in an excellent mood so here it is.

TITLE: Chasing Cassandra
BY: Lisa Kleypas
SERIES: The Ravenels #6 (can be read as standalone)
GENRE: Historical Romance
PUBLICATION: February 18th, 2020 by Avon
NOTES: With triggers / POPSUGAR Reading Challenge / AtoZ Reading Challenge


Chasing Cassandra is the 6th and final installment in Lisa Kleypas’ The Ravenels Series. I really enjoyed reading this and I love both of the characters. Cassandra, who is unlike her twin, wants a conventional life. She wants to get married and have children. Also, as she puts it herself…

I like naps and tea time and taking a lazy stroll on a sunny day, and reading books on rainy afternoons.

On the other hand, Tom Severin loves machines. He always squeezes mathematical and science stuff into the conversation. He is good with contracts that his relationship with Cass ended up involving a contract. (Not a marriage of convenience kind of contract, mind you.) He struggles with emotion and understanding people. He also doesn’t do social stuff. He even counted emotions that he permits himself to feel — only five. Well, until he met Cassandra and he doesn’t truly understand what he feels towards her.

“I’m asking you to tell Lady Cassandra about my good qualities as well as the bad ones.”
“What good qualities?” West inquired sharply.
Tom had to think for a moment. “How rich I am?”

To be honest, Tom acts as if he has Autism Spectrum Order. This is set in Hampshire, England, June 1876 so Autism is not a known term yet. But I love how he and Cassandra, despite their huge differences, just clicked. Though Severin took interest in Cassandra right from the start, their relationship started from friendship. I like how open-minded Cassandra is on understanding Tom’s views on things and Tom’s fascination and respect for Cassandra’s. And most of all, Tom is so sweet. I love their scenes together and even if Cassandra isn’t on the scene, whenever her name is spoken, Tom acts so sweet for her. He’s always to the rescue even if she’s not around.

This book has a lot of unforgettable scenes. There’s this scene that they danced the waltz and another scene where Tom is fixing a boiler and Cass helps him — I found those scenes so sweet. I also find many scenes hot. Seriously, whether they’re just kissing or looking at each other’s eyes, they make each scene passionate. And of course, those sex scenes in the last quarter of the book are incredibly hot. Too graphic, actually. Not that I’m complaining.

My main issue in this book is the storyline itself. It’s almost bland and predictable and even though this is in the usual length of historical novels, it seems so short. Maybe because the plot wasn’t that complex. But I guess, this is why I love historical novels. I don’t have to deal with too-complex plots. I actually read this genre for pure enjoyment and this author never disappoints in that matter.

By the way, Cassandra is presented as not thin and needs to eat less. In other words, she’s voluptuous and we all know in the regency era, it’s frowned upon. But I love that the people around her, especially Tom, act and even tell her that nothing is wrong with her and that she’s beautiful -even her governess, Lady Berwick. Even though Lady Berwick usually chastises Cass (and her sisters in the past books), it’s obvious that she only cares for her. One evidence is when Cass’s reputation was ruined, she assured her that it’s not her fault.

Another thing, and I think, is what I love the most in the story is Cassandra’s influence on Tom about books. She literally influenced him to read. So expect a lot of classic book references. Lots of classic authors are mentioned such as the Brontes, Jules Verne, Mark Twain, etc. There’s even an appearance, a cameo appearance of one of the authors mentioned. My heart was so happy. And Tom’s interpretations of the stories are so literal, I was laughing so hard. He literally implied that all the characters in the classic novels are somehow idiotic. LOL.

RATING: 4 blissful pages with lilies

Finally, I want to point out a trigger warning. Cassandra was assaulted by a suitor. Not raped but groped and kissed. It can be hard to read especially for people who experienced assault. So please, take note of this.

Have you read this book? Or planning to? What do you think of it? Let’s chat.

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