ARC Review: The Tourist Attraction by Sarah Morgenthaler

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TITLE: The Tourist Attraction
BY: Sarah Morgenthaler
SERIES: Moose Springs, Alaska #1 (can be read as standalones)
GENRE/s: Contemporary Romance
PUBLICATION: May 5th 2020 by Sourcebooks Casablanca
NOTES: I received an e-ARC from the publisher/author via Netgalley. This does not affect my opinion regarding the book in any way.


When Graham Barnett named his diner The Tourist Trap, he meant it as a joke. Now he’s stuck slinging reindeer dogs to an endless string of resort visitors who couldn’t interest him less. Not even the sweet, enthusiastic tourist in the corner who blushes every time he looks her wayโ€ฆ

Two weeks in Alaska isn’t just the top item on Zoey Caldwell’s bucket list. It’s the whole bucket. One
look at the mountain town of Moose Springs and she’s smitten. But when an act of kindness brings Zoey into Graham’s world, she may just find there’s more to the man than meets the eyeโ€ฆand more to love in Moose Springs than just the Alaskan wilderness.


I requested The Tourist Attraction because I was craving for a light romance and just a feel-good read and I knew, small-town romance is perfect for what I was craving for. And this book didn’t disappoint me.

Beautiful setting, amazing experience…

For fans of small town romances like me, the setting is everything. It makes the reading experience better, more worthwhile. In The Tourist Attraction, the author did a good job at making me feel like I was there in Moose Spring, vacationing with the heroine, Zoey. While reading, there were vivid images of scenes, the locals, the tourist spots in my mind. The interactions between the locals and the locals and the tourists are also very realistic. Even the experiences of the tourists, especially Zoey’s experiences as a tourist is very realistic, from getting lost in the mountains to crowded boats for Whale viewing.

The pacing could be better…

The development of the romance is okay and it’s more believable, but when it comes to the entire story, it could be better. The book is longer that it should be. At times, it dragged. I do think there are scenes that could’ve been shortened, even a few that the story can do without. I feel like everyone in the town had a part in the story which is unnecessary. But anyway, this is a small town romance and the experience won’t be complete without the unnecessary conversations and squabbles of the locals.

Sarcastic, grumpy, funny hero + strong, independent heroine = sweet, cute romance…

Graham hates tourist and he’s very vocal and obvious about it. Despite that, I still adore Graham, because he can’t hide his kindness. He’s also funny and sweet, especially to Zoe. Zoe is hardworking, strong and independent, and for Graham, she’s different than any tourist he’s had in his diner. Graham found himself drawn to Zoe and what happens next are series of hilarious mishaps until they give in to their attraction. I enjoyed their interaction from the beginning till the end. But there are few times that I found Graham a bit too possessive and over-protective than necessary. It contradicts his cool personality.

Predictable ending…

The main conflict of the romance is it’s short-term. Both Zoe and Graham know that their relationship can’t go on forever. Zoe is in Alaska for only two weeks and Graham lives there. So with that conflict and with everything that happened in the story, the ending is predictable. But the way it happened, just like all the scenes with Graham, is funny. So it doesn’t matter that it’s predictable.

RATING: 3.5 blissful pages with lilies

Have you read this book? Or planning to? What do think about it? Let’s chat.

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