Book Review: The Simple Wild by K.A. Tucker

Hi Blisses,

This is the second novel I’ve read this month that is set in Alaska and I think, I’m starting to falling in love with Alaska.

TITLE: The Simple Wild
BY: K.A. Tucker
SERIES: Wild #1
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
PUBLICATION: August 7th 2018 by Atria Books


I’ve never read anything from this author but I’ve seen few of my friends gush over The Simple Wild so I gave in. But I set my expectation low just in case. It turns out, I have nothing to worry because it turns out to be a great read.

The Simple Wild is about Calla Fletcher, a 26-year-old woman living with her mother and stepfather in Toronto when she received a call from Alaska where her estranged father lives. It turns out that her father has a cancer. Since she got nothing much going on in Toronto, she decided to make the trip to see her father just in case it’s her last chance to be with him. But facing him after 24 years is not easy, and that’s besides the fact that life in Alaska is far from what Calla’s used to.

A Wonderful setting that creates the perfect atmosphere…

The Simple Wild humbles me in a way that no other books did. First, the setting is so realistic. I was really brought to a small town that is Bangor, Alaska. The author managed to have lots of scenes that showcases every part of the town, creating a complete image of a small town in my mind. It’s like I really experienced the simple living in Alaska and that humbles me. I imagined the bugs, the asphalted roads, the plain-looking establishments, the rivers, the cabin and of course, the planes at the Wilds. It was a great experience.

A complex plot but flows smoothly…

Secondly, this book deals with serious, hard issues – family, cancer, grief and even the worry that long-distance love brings. And yet, every element in the plot was tackled properly. It remained serious while still being entertaining. The story flows smoothly despite it being complex. I love how everything unfolds and develops like Calla’s relationship with her father, Wren. The blurb clearly emphasized that Wren and Calla’s relationship is a big part of the story even though this is Romance.

Important messages with no unnecessary dramas…

The way this aspect of the story was handled humbles me because the author didn’t create unnecessary dramas before the issues are resolved. I love how the book didn’t stress at proving who’s at fault. Every side of the story is explained. The message of forgiveness really humbles me. I just love this book. I even cried a bit at the end. It teaches me to appreciate family while I can, and really just enjoy life in general.

Lovable Characters…

I love Calla, though I think, not everyone will like her. She flies to Alaska with two huge suitcases filled with expensive boots and clothes. They’re all what she will need considering Alaska’s weather but they definitely seem out of place. She loves make up and can’t seem to survive without painting her face. But that’s why I love Calla because she’s not pretentious at all. She loves beautiful things and she wants to look beautiful and for her, there’s nothing wrong with that. Even her reactions to simple living in Alaska seem realistic to me. She’d been living in an extravagant, modern life in Toronto and she’s pampered, really, so it’s not surprising she reacts the way she does on everything. Even when she gets frustrated, I understand.

I love her even more when she slowly get settled in the place, which tells me that she’s not the vain person that others might think she is. Of course, the Yeti a.k.a. Jonah next door is a big part of her settling in. Jonah is such a teddy bear. I love him, especially how honest he is.

The side characters are amazing as well. I, of course, love Wren and Susan, Calla’s mother. They’re both not perfect and their decisions before hurt Calla but it’s so easy to love them. Calla’s stepfather, Simon, is amazing. Calla once said that everyone needs a Simon in their life and I agree. Then there’s Agnes and Mabel too. I really thought the characters will make the plot complicated but they didn’t.

Well-developed Romance…

Calla and Jonah’s first meeting had them both disliking each other. But I love their cheap banters and I enjoy every scenes they’re in. Sure, their fights are childish at times but I love enemies-to-lovers trope. And of course, slow-burn. It took them a while to give in to love. I think that’s why a sequel is necessary and I’ll read it soon. Anyway, the romance developed slowly but it’s so worth it. Calla and Jonah’s romance is both heartwarming and sweet.

RATING: 5 blissful pages with lilies

Yes!!! Another 5-star read. The Simple Wild is such an enjoyable story and a heartwarming one. I can’t wait to read the sequel.

Have you read this book? Or planning to? What do you think of it? Let’s chat.


12 thoughts on “Book Review: The Simple Wild by K.A. Tucker

      1. It’s BETTER πŸ˜€

        Some say they didn’t want or needed a sequel – I’m of the opinion that there can never be enough Calla and Jonah πŸ˜€ I’m hoping for a third one

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  1. Fantastic review!! I’ve been seeing this going around and maybe I should give it a try. Also, I’ve read a novel before set in Alaska, and while I DNF’ed it I did love the setting too. Bonus that this one’s set there!

    Liked by 1 person

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