Book review: Listen To Your Heart by Kasie West

Hi Blisses,

Last Tuesday, I posted 5 Summer Reads in my TBR. Yesterday, I read one of the books in that list, and today I’m bringing you the review. I feel like a responsible bookish person, right now. Haha.

TITLE: Listen To Your Heart
BY: Kasie West
GENRE: Young Adult Contemporary
PUBLICATION: May 29th 2018 by Point


Talking to other people is not Kate Bailey’s favorite activity. But because of her best friend, Alana, she ends up as the host of their high school podcast and giving advices to her listeners is one of her job. Then her podcast gets a call from a guy, asking advice about his unnamed crush. Kate is sure her caller is Diego, Alana’s crush, and that the unnamed crush is Alana. But soon Kate starts to develop feelings for him…


Listen to your Heart is a very cute contemporary romance and I didn’t even mind it’s Young Adult. You all know I’m not a big fan of YA Contemporary. So it’s not surprising that this is my first from Kasie West, even though she’s a well-known author. But I’m sure this wouldn’t be the last.

Starting with the characters. The characters remind me of myself and the kids I go with in high school. In other words, realistic. I thought Kate’s problem about talking to other people is huge but it’s really not. That makes her even more relatable. I relate to her right from the start. I also like her friend, Alana, who is very loyal to Kate, and vice versa of course. That said, I admire Alana and Kate’s friendship. They stand for each other no matter what. And there are so many instances that their friendship would’ve been ruined but they stayed strong and loyal. I love them.

But my favorite is Diego. Diego is so adorable, he must be protected. He’s also very sweet even though Kate never notice his efforts. Another character I like is Frank who, for me, has the biggest character arc in the book. It’s really refreshing to see a mean, or seemingly mean, character turns into a friend of the main character. Victoria, Kate’s co-host in their podcast, is also likeable despite her being a bit bossy at first. I laughed out loud when she calls out her friend’s name during a call in their podcast. Callers must be anonymous but she just blurted it out.

Now for the romance. To be honest I was hesitant with this book because one of my pet peeves in books are siblings/friends betraying each other for a guy/girl. I hate that so much. But the romance went pretty well in this. It started with Kate giving her best to help Alana gets close to Diego. It’s so innocent. Even when Kate starts feeling something for Diego, there was no betraying element. Sure, when everything’s revealed to everybody, everyone feels betrayed but that’s normal. I thought for a while, oh no, here’s the teenage drama but that’s not what happened. If there’s a drama, the characters handled it very well. They sorted out the problems like mature, smart people.

But I do think the romance is a bit predictable, especially in Diego’s side. By the way, the book is told in Kate’s sole POV so the reader didn’t get to know much of the other character’s POV but still it works. The author still showed so much about the other characters, especially Diego. That’s why the reveal at the last part of the book isn’t that surprising.

When it comes to the writing…I get now why some of my friends say Kasie West’s books are too YA. The writing is so smooth that it’s so easy to read. But I love it. Normally, I like flowery words, I want figure of speech now and then, I want the lines read like poems and I want them filled with emotions. That’s not how Kasie West write but I enjoyed reading so much. The flow of the words is perfect. Like I said, this won’t be the last book I will read from the author.

RATING: 3.5 blissful pages with lilies

This book is predictable and nothing really big happened in the story but I really enjoyed reading it. This is one adorable, fluffy read which iswhat exactly I need right now.

Have you read this book? Or planning to? What do you think of it? Let’s chat.

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