Book Review: Tristan’s Folly by Marcus Lee

Hi Blisses,

TITLE: Tristan’s Folly
BY: Marcus Lee
SERIES: The Gifted and the Cursed #2
GENRES: Fantasy
PUBLICATION: October 31st 2020
NOTES: The author provided me an e-copy in exchange for an honest review.


Tristan’s Folly. An ageing fortress built over fifty years ago to repel the invading hordes of the Witch-King, an invasion that never materialised – until now.

Now it’s a crumbling reflection of its former self and set against Daleth’s savage horde of a hundred thousand men are a mere fifteen hundred defenders, who are surely doomed to fail.

As Kings and Daemons face one another, there is but one shining light that pushes back the darkness, but even her flame might be extinguished thanks to Tristan’s Folly.

In this epic tale of a battle against the odds, the best and worst of humankind will show itself … sacrifice, honour, bravery, and love, set against depravity, betrayal, greed, and hatred.


In reading a series, you read a sequel because you either loved the first book or you want answers to some questions…In Marcus Lee’s series, it was both for me. I was excited for the sequel because I REALLY loved book 1 (Kings and Daemons) and I was also left with questions I want answered. I want to know more about the world, the magic and of course, the characters. I am glad to share that I wasn’t disappointed by this sequel.

What really made me immersed in Lee’s world is the main concept of curses and gifts going hand in hand. It’s a very intriguing concept because it’s not something you always see in stories. It promises internal conflicts in characters. It promises black AND white not black VERSUS white. It promises evil and good and not evil VERSUS good. And being Tristan’s Folly as the second book already, I can now confidently say that the author successfully provided what was promised. That said, I want to focus on the characters.

One thing I really liked about Lee’s writing is his ability to give each of his characters the spotlight they deserve. It doesn’t matter if it’s a main character or a side character. Lee made me care for all of them. I care enough to be interested in what’s going on in their minds and understand the reasons behind their actions. And I can say this even for the new characters introduced in this book, such as Tristan. He kind of reminds me of Klaus from The Originals (I know, from a very different genre but I’m rewatching that show so he’s in my mind). I wouldn’t call him conflicted or evil but he’s just a very multi-faceted character. Everything he does, good moral aside, seems reasonable.

This is true to most characters in this book. Tristan’s Folly introduced new set of characters, some of them weren’t really friends to the main characters, but the main characters don’t know that. Another thing, it’s not easy to add new characters to an already amazing ensemble cast. Taran, Maya, Rakan and Kalas are already amazing and the main reason why I love this series but I liked the new characters too. They added intrigues and more substance to the story. Everyone is fleshed out and all their actions are reasonable that they don’t feel forced so the plot moves forward naturally. I couldn’t help but pay attention to what everyone’s thinking and doing and that includes even the army.

Yes the armies. The plot, as the blurb indicates involves a war and of course, there are armies. And usually in this kind of stories, the armies are just armies who will eventually die because that’s just what happens to them. LOL. But in here, the armies felt like real people. Like I said, the author really knows how to give his characters the spotlight they deserve. I know it’s weird that I’m talking about the army but they’re the ones I can think of that is supposedly insignificant but was written well by the author.

RATING: 4.5 blissful pages with lilies

The reason I focus mainly on the characters in this review is because I will be posting my review of book 3 soon and I can just be more thorough there. Also, I think it’s the author’s best asset. The way he treats all his characters is something I hope I can do as a writer as well. The way Lee uses his characters to make the plot even more intriguing and his world immersive is amazing. It’s not just a skill, it’s a talent.




What about you? Have you read this book/series? Or planning to? What do you think of it? Let’s chat.

3 thoughts on “Book Review: Tristan’s Folly by Marcus Lee

  1. I love your review Lili. I haven’t actually read the first book in this series but it sounds like the sort of thing that I would really like so I have added it onto my goodreads tbr. I love the sound of gifts and curses going together and I am so intrigued as to how that works. So glad you enjoyed the books! 🙂


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