Netgalley Summer Bingo 2021

Hi Blisses,

Image from We Are Bookish

I’m so excited about this. One of my bookish friends on Twitter, Hannah, shared this in our Netgalley Update chat group and I knew I have to do this. I’ve been struggling with my NetGalley ARCs. Yesterday, I posted my Netgalley Shelf update, and obviously, I’m not doing well. I have 81 unread ARCs on Netgalley. Half of them are from last and the other half need to be reviewed this year. So yeah, I need this Bingo.

How to Play

1.) NetGalley Bingo will run from July 1, 2021 to August 31, 2021.
2.) Each book or action can only be used for a single square on the board. For example, you cannot use the same book for both “Five-star read” and “Share a review to a retail site.”
3.) To score a bingo, you must complete a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal row of five squares.
4.) Each prompt is open to your interpretation. For example, the “Raise your Feedback Ratio” prompt can mean that you raised it to the recommended 80% or simply that you went up a percentage.

5.) Share progress and use #NetGalleyBingo on social media

I copy-pasted the above rules from Netgalley’s official blog site, We Are Bookish, and if you want to know more about this Bingo, check out THIS POST. So basically, this is just like a normal Bingo, only the prompts are related to Netgalley. I will update this post till August 31 and even though, we’re already halfway through July, I hope I can still complete several Bingos. I will put a star on prompts I’m already done with.

Here’s the official card:

Image from We Are Bookish


Row 1 Across

1.) Update your Profile
2.) Five-star read
3.) Author you’ve read before
4.) Review the oldest book on your Shelf
5.) Listen Now audiobook

Row 2 Across

6.) Requested based on the cover
7.) Raise your Feedback Ratio
8.) Outside your comfort zone
9.) Listened in NetGalley Shelf app
10.) BIPOC author

Row 3 Across

11.) LGBTQ+ main character
12.) Reviewed right after finishing
13.) Free space
14.) Publishing in 2022
15.) Add Publisher to favorites

Row 4 Across

16.) Follow NetGalley on social media
– Twitter: @Netgalley
– Instagram: @netgalley

17.) Listened while outside
18.) Read Now book
19.) Share a review to a retail site
Friend picks what you’ll read

Row 5 Across

21.) New-to-you audiobook narrator
22.) Highly-anticipated book
23.) Use a quote in a review
24.) Green cover
25.) Post a review to Instagram

The prompts are not too hard, maybe except for the ones that involve audiobooks. I don’t really listen to audiobooks a lot so I’ll just take advantage of the other prompts.

Are you doing this Bingo as well? How is your Netgalley shelf? Any thoughts on this Bingo? Let’s chat.

4 thoughts on “Netgalley Summer Bingo 2021

  1. This looks like so much fun to take part in! I hope it helps you get some of those ARC’s read and that you’ll enjoy everything you read!


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