Cover Reveal: Nowhere to Hide by Karen Randau @digitalreadsbt @klrandau

Hi Blisses,

I’m here for a cover reveal, which I don’t often do. Big thanks to Shalini from Digital Reads Blog Tours for inviting me to be part of this. I also hope to read this one soon and I’m very excited.


A young woman embarks on a dangerous journey to bring a killer to justice.

Kayla is newly-engaged and excited to break the news to her parents during a visit for winter break before her final semester at Princeton. As she enters her family’s living room, a home invader shatters her life forever, ruthlessly killing her parents and putting her in a coma.

Two years later, she still remembers nothing of the attack, just that she kissed her fiancé goodbye before opening her family’s front door. Her fiancé thinks she’s dead and has moved on.

A suspicious house fire convinces Kayla it’s time to dump her witness protection program to embark on a dangerous quest to bring the murderer to justice. She and her best friend Martin follow clues that take them from the mountains of Arizona to Washington, D.C., straight into the killer’s lair. Will Kayla succeed in her quest, or will she and Martin fall victim to the ruthless assassin who stole everything Kayla loved?

Nowhere to Hide is the explosive first book in the Kayla Walsh Mystery Suspense trilogy. This fast-paced read is one you won’t want to put down from beginning to end. If you like the suspense of Willow Rose and the plot twists of Kendra Elliot, you will love Karen Randau’s clever, nail-biting Kayla Walsh series.

And now, for the COVER!!!

I love this cover so much, and I’m just glad it’s not the same woman who is always on the covers of the books in this genre. I’m sure you guys have seen that woman as well, you know the one wearing a coat, which is in different color in different books. Lol.





A native of the American southwest, Karen Randau authors mysteries, suspense, thrillers with plenty of intrigue, actions, and twists with a dash of romance. Her protagonists are strong women with the grit to take matters into their own hands. She the outdoors, baking, and her family. 

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Don’t forget to add this book on your TBR. And again, this tour is hosted by Shalini.

Have you heard of this book? What do you think of the cover? Are you planning to read it? Let’s chat.

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