Books I’ll (Probably) Never Read|Tag

Hi Blisses, First of all, I wasn't tagged to do this. I saw this one from Angela over at Hiding Behind Books Blog and asked her if I can consider myself tagged. Knowing how lovely Angela is, I knew she'll say yes. hehe. Thank you, Angela. If you guys aren't following her yet, you can … Continue reading Books I’ll (Probably) Never Read|Tag


Bookish Blog Hops: An Author You’d Love to Interview

Hi Blisses, Guess what? I'm joining a blog hop for the first time. Though I've been with these amazing authors for a while now, it's my first time joining and I'm glad I signed up to host a day. Bookish Blog Hops: Valentine's Hop This blog hop started last Feb. 1 and will end on … Continue reading Bookish Blog Hops: An Author You’d Love to Interview

Chinese New Year Book Tag

Hi Blisses, Happy Chinese New Year especially to my Chinse friends. 🙂 I've been tagged with this by Kay from Hammock of Books. Thank you Kay. And oh she's also the creator of this tag. Rules: 1.) Answer the questions and share your zodiac animal (Only if you’re comfortable with it! If you don’t know, … Continue reading Chinese New Year Book Tag

Gryffindor? Here are books that might be perfect for you. #HarryPotter #Gryffindor #Books #BookRecommendation

Gryffindor-friendly Books

Hi Blisses, If you're a Potterhead, you probably have sorted yourself in a Hogwarts' house already. And if not, well, go visit now and sort yourself into a house, then come back here. If you turned out Gryffindor, then you're in for a treat because today I'm gonna be sharing 5 book recommendation that … Continue reading Gryffindor-friendly Books