Hour Zero + TBR (Day-A-Thon February 2020)

Hi Blisses, It's time guys. As you all know Nori and I are doing our Day-A-Thon tonight/today. Day-A-Thon is our own version of a 24-Hour Readathon and if you want to know more about it or you want to join us, you can visit THIS POST. It's officially 8 p.m. where I am so it … Continue reading Hour Zero + TBR (Day-A-Thon February 2020)

Day-A-Thon February 2020 (24-Hour Readathon)

Hi Blisses, We're back. Nori from Diary of a Book Fiend and I will be having our Day-A-Thon again this weekend and I'm beyond excited. First of all, what is Day-A-Thon? Day-A-Thon is our version of a 24-Hour Readathon. Supposedly, we do it every last weekend of the month but well...we haven't done this in … Continue reading Day-A-Thon February 2020 (24-Hour Readathon)

Day-A-Thon Wrap-Up (Sept. 2019)

Hi Blisses, As you all know, my friend Nori and I had our Day-A-Thon last Friday till yesterday. Day-A-Thon is our version of 24-Hour Readathon that we do every last weekend of the month. We really enjoyed this month's Readathon and thankful for our friends who joined us and chat with us on twitter. Talking … Continue reading Day-A-Thon Wrap-Up (Sept. 2019)

Hour Zero & TBR (Da-A-Thon Sept. 2019)

Hi Blisses, You guys know Nori and I are having a 24-Hour Readathon tonight till tomorrow, right? No? Well, we are and it's called day-A-Thon and you can know more about it by visiting our Announcement Post. That is if you want to join, if not then just wish us luck. We do this just … Continue reading Hour Zero & TBR (Da-A-Thon Sept. 2019)