Day-A-Thon January 2019 (Wrap-Up)

Hi Blisses, So this is very late. I want to blame it on my internet but no. Even with our internet fixed, this post would still be late. Aaaaah January isn't really being nice to me but hopefully February get to be good GREAT. I got to be positive, right? Yesterday, Sunday, after church I … Continue reading Day-A-Thon January 2019 (Wrap-Up)


Hour Zero and TBR [Day-A-Thon November 2018]

Hi Guys, It's that time again. Consider this as my REAL comeback on Blogosphere. After almost 2 months of terrible writing and reading slump, this readathon is just what I need. I'm sure this will push me to read and write more. So as you know Nori and I do this 24-Hour Readathon every last … Continue reading Hour Zero and TBR [Day-A-Thon November 2018]

Day-A-Thon [November 2018]

Hi Guys, Our 24-Hour Readathon got a name now. Day-A -Thon. I know, i know, it's not the most original name but I can't think of any. And I don't have time because I'm remodelling my blog and I want this readathon to have its own menu. So it needs a name. haha. Anyway, Noriko @Diary … Continue reading Day-A-Thon [November 2018]