Merry Not March (Monthly Reading Wrap-Up)

Hi Blisses, March is definitely not merry, but I don't want to focus on the negative anymore. Despite everything, I read 22 books last month and that's the second highest number of books I read in a month in my entire life. Last year, I forgot the exact month but there was one month I … Continue reading Merry Not March (Monthly Reading Wrap-Up)

Fabulous February (Monthly Reading Wrap-Up)

Hi Blisses, I don't know about you but I always find making Wrap-Up posts boring. I feel too lazy doing them, but I also want to be consistent with my posts here. I posted a wrap-up post last month so I have to do it again this month. I did have a great February when … Continue reading Fabulous February (Monthly Reading Wrap-Up)

Jam-Packed January (Monthly Reading Wrap-Up)

Hi Blisses, Let's pretend that it's only February and that it is not too late to post a wrap up for January. The thing is this post, it's been on my drafts since last week, I just don't know why I din't publish it. But anyway, here it is. You know I always try to … Continue reading Jam-Packed January (Monthly Reading Wrap-Up)

Simply September (BLOG Wrap-Up)

Hi Blisses, This is the second part of my monthly wrap-up. Yesterday I posted my Reading Wrap-Up where I shared the books I've read this month. I also shared why I titled my wrap-up as Simply September so if you want to read that, go HERE. Now, I'm going to share I've posted in my … Continue reading Simply September (BLOG Wrap-Up)