20 Books of Summer ’20 (Sign Up + TBR) #20booksofsummer20

Yay!!! I'm joining a new reading challenge. 🙂 First of all, it's not summer in the Philippines anymore, but that's not what matters. What matters is I finish 20 books until September 1st. I'm actually late for this challenge because it's already on its 19th day. But hopefully, I can catch up. 🙂 I saw … Continue reading 20 Books of Summer ’20 (Sign Up + TBR) #20booksofsummer20

Hour Zero + TBR (Day-A-Thon February 2020)

Hi Blisses, It's time guys. As you all know Nori and I are doing our Day-A-Thon tonight/today. Day-A-Thon is our own version of a 24-Hour Readathon and if you want to know more about it or you want to join us, you can visit THIS POST. It's officially 8 p.m. where I am so it … Continue reading Hour Zero + TBR (Day-A-Thon February 2020)

Hour Zero & TBR (Da-A-Thon Sept. 2019)

Hi Blisses, You guys know Nori and I are having a 24-Hour Readathon tonight till tomorrow, right? No? Well, we are and it's called day-A-Thon and you can know more about it by visiting our Announcement Post. That is if you want to join, if not then just wish us luck. We do this just … Continue reading Hour Zero & TBR (Da-A-Thon Sept. 2019)

Day-A-Thon Sept. 2019 (24-Hour Readathon)

Hi Blisses, It's that time of the month again. It's time for our Day-A-Thon aka our version of a 24-Hour Readathon. Noriko, from Diary of a Book Fiend, and I started doing this 24-Hour Readathon last year just for fun and to help us tackle our TBRs and Goodreads Reading Challenge. So far, this readathon … Continue reading Day-A-Thon Sept. 2019 (24-Hour Readathon)