POPSUGAR Reading Challenge 2019 (Update)

Hi Blisses, Graphic from http://www.popsugar.com It's no secret I'm joining this Reading Challenge and have been doing so in the past four years. It's also no surprise that in few times I've joined, I've only completed it once - last year. This year though I'm set to finish this even though I've been through a … Continue reading POPSUGAR Reading Challenge 2019 (Update)


2019 AtoZ Reading Challenge

Hi Blisses, I'm sorry if this REALLY, really late but I really want to join this challenge. This is hosted by Ginger Mom and Company and co-hosted by Books & Bindings. I really enjoyed this challenge last year and planned to join this year again, but well, you know how was it for me these … Continue reading 2019 AtoZ Reading Challenge

2019 Moody Reader Reading Challenge

Hi Blisses, Let's pretend that I'm NOT seven months late for signing up. I mean this is okay right? Me, signing up for another reading challenge when I can't even catch up on my reading goals. This is definitely normal. Hehe. Anyway, this challenge is hosted by Dani from Perspective of a Writer and she … Continue reading 2019 Moody Reader Reading Challenge

Goodreads Reading Challenge 2019 (1st Quarterly Update)

Hi Blisses, This post is so late. My hiatus and overall social media break made me reschedule most of my blog posts. But anyway, my first quarterly update of my Goodreads Reading Challenge 2019 is here. I started this habit of posting a quarterly update of my GR Reading Challenge last year and I think … Continue reading Goodreads Reading Challenge 2019 (1st Quarterly Update)