Mid Year Book Freakout Tag (Book Tag)

Hi Blisses, Remember this scene from Infinity War? Well, Captain America is so me while trying to stop July from coming. But just as Thanos won, July won. And just like Thanos, July is inevitable. It really does feel like someone snapped his fingers and just like that, July is here. It's second half of … Continue reading Mid Year Book Freakout Tag (Book Tag)


Chinese New Year Book Tag

Hi Blisses, Happy Chinese New Year especially to my Chinse friends. πŸ™‚ I've been tagged with this by Kay from Hammock of Books. Thank you Kay. And oh she's also the creator of this tag. Rules: 1.) Answer the questions and share your zodiac animal (Only if you’re comfortable with it! If you don’t know, … Continue reading Chinese New Year Book Tag

Christmas Characters Tag (Blogmas #22)

Hi Blisses, My apologies for this is a late post. It's already 23rd of December but saw my friends last night and we had some(or not some πŸ™‚ ) drinks and well, I came home past midnight. And now I just woke up. Today I'm doing a tag again so it's faster. This one I … Continue reading Christmas Characters Tag (Blogmas #22)

The End of The Year book Tag | 2018 (Blogmas #19)

Hi Blisses, I'm dizzy. Not the best way to start a post, I know. Sorry guys. But I'm really, really dizzy. It's day 19 of #Blogmas but supposedly Day 1 of my #NoToCoffee week. Gosh, I can't do it. I know the effects of coffee withdrawal or any withdrawal but I wanted to try coz … Continue reading The End of The Year book Tag | 2018 (Blogmas #19)