Chinese New Year Book Tag

Hi Blisses, Happy Chinese New Year especially to my Chinse friends. 🙂 I've been tagged with this by Kay from Hammock of Books. Thank you Kay. And oh she's also the creator of this tag. Rules: 1.) Answer the questions and share your zodiac animal (Only if you’re comfortable with it! If you don’t know, … Continue reading Chinese New Year Book Tag


Christmas Characters Tag (Blogmas #22)

Hi Blisses, My apologies for this is a late post. It's already 23rd of December but saw my friends last night and we had some(or not some 🙂 ) drinks and well, I came home past midnight. And now I just woke up. Today I'm doing a tag again so it's faster. This one I … Continue reading Christmas Characters Tag (Blogmas #22)

The End of The Year book Tag | 2018 (Blogmas #19)

Hi Blisses, I'm dizzy. Not the best way to start a post, I know. Sorry guys. But I'm really, really dizzy. It's day 19 of #Blogmas but supposedly Day 1 of my #NoToCoffee week. Gosh, I can't do it. I know the effects of coffee withdrawal or any withdrawal but I wanted to try coz … Continue reading The End of The Year book Tag | 2018 (Blogmas #19)

Bookish Naughty or Nice Tag (Blogmas #14)

Hi Blisses, I must admit, I have scheduled another post for Day 14 of #Blogmas. But three of my amazing friends have tagged me to do this in three consecutive days, mind you. I'm a little suspicious, of course. LOL. I mean did they simply thought of me? Or they knew I've been too naughty … Continue reading Bookish Naughty or Nice Tag (Blogmas #14)