WWW Wednesday #34

Hi Blisses, This is unbelievable. I checked when I last did this weekly meme and it was last October 2018. So ridiculous, but makes sense. 🙂 I had the worst writing & reading slump last November so I didn't blog much that month and December, I did #Blogmas which is every day of the whole … Continue reading WWW Wednesday #34


Not So Jaunty January (Monthly Wrap-Up 2019)

I don't really post monthly wrap-ups, not even weekly wrap-ups. But yesterday, I was going through my old journals and saw random words on the lower right corners of their pages. They were my 'Words of the Day' which I used to do before. I don't know if others do this too but since English … Continue reading Not So Jaunty January (Monthly Wrap-Up 2019)

82 ARCs I’ve Read This Year (Blogmas #23)

Hi Blisses, Wow! The title blew me away. 82 ARCs is beyond my expectation and I'm proud of it. So I decided to share this milestone to you as part of my #Blogmas series. So back in January I joined this reading challenge called 2018 Netgalley and Edelweiss Reading Challenge. It's very obvious what the challenge … Continue reading 82 ARCs I’ve Read This Year (Blogmas #23)

2018 Moody Reads – Wrap Up (Blogmas #8)

Hi Blisses, It's Day 8 of #blogmas and I decided to share a wrap up of one of the reading challenges I joined in this year. It was a part of my plan to include wrap ups for my #blogmas posts. I'm a mood reader just like most of you. 🙂 Last January, I discovered … Continue reading 2018 Moody Reads – Wrap Up (Blogmas #8)