WWW Wednesday, 05/27/2020

Hi Blisses, Before anything, I just want everyone to know that I review most of my reads and if you want to read them, here's my 2020 Reads Index. It's time for sharing my reads again. The thing is I counted my total reads for the month of May so far and it's already past … Continue reading WWW Wednesday, 05/27/2020

WWW Wednesday, 05/20/2020

Hi Blisses, How's everyone? It's been a month since I posted a WWW. It's because during quarantine, (we're still in quarantine) I read one book almost every night. I just feel lazy doing posts every Wednesday with lots of graphics. Because, of course, I need to include the covers of all the books I've read. … Continue reading WWW Wednesday, 05/20/2020

WWW Wednesday, 03/18/2020

Hi Blisses, If you've been following my posts on my social media, you might remember that I'm struggling with anxiety these past week, and it's even worse these past three days. My city is in a community quarantine and everyone is advised to stay inside and if you do get out, you'll be questioned, tested … Continue reading WWW Wednesday, 03/18/2020

WWW Wednesday, 03/11/2020

Hi Blisses, I want to start this post asking everyone to pray. The threat of Corona virus in our country worsened. Schools are suspended in all levels for a week, and next week is still uncertain. Please pray for us. I know the threat has already spread not just in Asia so let's pray together. … Continue reading WWW Wednesday, 03/11/2020