Lili’s Corner

Hi guys,

So it’s been months ever since I started this blog and so far I’ve been enjoying blogging. Also I’ve already met wonderful people in here, most have the same interest as myself – BOOKS. But I decided to make this site more than about books.

I’ve been neglecting my ABOUT page and I just updated it into a Know-Me-Better Page and I liked it. It was more personal. Anyway that’s what I want this blog to be – A more personal site. Thus I created this section/corner.

What is this?

Well under this section, I’ll talk about things that are more personal. And when I say MORE personal things, I don’t just mean deeper, emotional stuffs, I mean CRAZIER things. Because personal me is a Crazy me.

It’s okay to be crazy, right?

Anyway, my posts might crossover between this blog and my other blog, Lili’s Wordy Planet. Another thing I want to try something that my psychologist and I have talked about. He thinks, and I think that it would help me more.

I’d appreciate it if you guys check out my future posts under this page. Thank you and I love you,