My Ideal Christmas Eve (Blogmas #24)

Hi Blisses, Late post. I'm sorry, I was so busy yesterday I couldn't find a moment to sit down and check my blog. This is the 24th post in my #Blogmas series and I'm thankful to everyone who have checked my posts. I love you guys and Happy Christmas. Today, I'm sharing my ideal Christmas … Continue reading My Ideal Christmas Eve (Blogmas #24)

Best Book Covers of 2018 (Blogmas #20)

Hi Blisses, 'Don't judge the book by its cover!' Well, unless you're making a list of best covers which what this post is about.Β 2019 is just ten days away but before we say goodbye to 2018, I want to share 24 of my favorite book covers to you. I was tagged to do this by … Continue reading Best Book Covers of 2018 (Blogmas #20)

The End of The Year book Tag | 2018 (Blogmas #19)

Hi Blisses, I'm dizzy. Not the best way to start a post, I know. Sorry guys. But I'm really, really dizzy. It's day 19 of #Blogmas but supposedly Day 1 of my #NoToCoffee week. Gosh, I can't do it. I know the effects of coffee withdrawal or any withdrawal but I wanted to try coz … Continue reading The End of The Year book Tag | 2018 (Blogmas #19)

Why did God Give Us Free Will (Blogmas #17)

Hi Blisses, When I decided to do #Blogmas, I planned of posting about godly things, especially about Jesus. He's the reason for the season anyway. But I'm not at all an expert on Bible, though I've read the whole book 3 times already. I think it's impossible for me to master it. If you know … Continue reading Why did God Give Us Free Will (Blogmas #17)

Silly Questions for Father Christmas (Blogmas #16)

Hi Blisses, Originally I wanted to post an open letter to Santa stating my wishes but I changed my mind. Because I don't really have particular wish for Christmas. Like nothing. Not even books. I kinda stopped buying physical books because I realized I can't keep them till the end. My lifetime plan involves me … Continue reading Silly Questions for Father Christmas (Blogmas #16)