10 Books with Single-Word Titles

Hi Blisses, This list is harder to complete than I thought. This week's topic for Top Ten Tuesday is Book with Single-Word Titles, and when I first saw it, I thought it will be easy to complete the list. Maybe, yes, if I'm not so keen to feature only books I haven't read yet. Or … Continue reading 10 Books with Single-Word Titles

Top 5 Bookish Habits I want to Change

Hi Blisses, I've always wanted to post something about my bookish habits, so imagine how happy I am when I saw this week's topic for Top 5 Tuesday - Top 5 Bookish Habits. But before we get deeper into my bookish habits, let me give credit where it's due. This meme is hosted by Shanah … Continue reading Top 5 Bookish Habits I want to Change

POPSUGAR Reading Challenge 2019 (Update)

Hi Blisses, Graphic from http://www.popsugar.com It's no secret I'm joining this Reading Challenge and have been doing so in the past four years. It's also no surprise that in few times I've joined, I've only completed it once - last year. This year though I'm set to finish this even though I've been through a … Continue reading POPSUGAR Reading Challenge 2019 (Update)