A Book for All Occasions! Book Tag

Hi Blisses, Image by Hannah @Hannah's Bookshelf This is such a perfect tag right now because it provides variety of books that we can choose from to read during quarantine. Personally, it is perfect for me because my mood changes every hour. One minute I'm okay, the next I'm anxious. So it's nice to have … Continue reading A Book for All Occasions! Book Tag

Prediction Book Tag

Hi Blisses, It's been a long time since I posted a book tag, even though I've been tagged a lot. I'm really sorry about that guys. But anyway, I want to do this kind of post again. Many thanks to Leslie @BooksAreTheNewBlackBlog for tagging me to do this. 🙂 🙂 RULES: pingback to the creator … Continue reading Prediction Book Tag

Books I’ll (Probably) Never Read|Tag

Hi Blisses, First of all, I wasn't tagged to do this. I saw this one from Angela over at Hiding Behind Books Blog and asked her if I can consider myself tagged. Knowing how lovely Angela is, I knew she'll say yes. hehe. Thank you, Angela. If you guys aren't following her yet, you can … Continue reading Books I’ll (Probably) Never Read|Tag

The End of The Year book Tag | 2018 (Blogmas #19)

Hi Blisses, I'm dizzy. Not the best way to start a post, I know. Sorry guys. But I'm really, really dizzy. It's day 19 of #Blogmas but supposedly Day 1 of my #NoToCoffee week. Gosh, I can't do it. I know the effects of coffee withdrawal or any withdrawal but I wanted to try coz … Continue reading The End of The Year book Tag | 2018 (Blogmas #19)

Bookish Naughty or Nice Tag (Blogmas #14)

Hi Blisses, I must admit, I have scheduled another post for Day 14 of #Blogmas. But three of my amazing friends have tagged me to do this in three consecutive days, mind you. I'm a little suspicious, of course. LOL. I mean did they simply thought of me? Or they knew I've been too naughty … Continue reading Bookish Naughty or Nice Tag (Blogmas #14)