WWW Wednesday #34

Hi Blisses, This is unbelievable. I checked when I last did this weekly meme and it was last October 2018. So ridiculous, but makes sense. 🙂 I had the worst writing & reading slump last November so I didn't blog much that month and December, I did #Blogmas which is every day of the whole … Continue reading WWW Wednesday #34

Gryffindor? Here are books that might be perfect for you. #HarryPotter #Gryffindor #Books #BookRecommendation

Gryffindor-friendly Books

Hi Blisses, If you're a Potterhead, you probably have sorted yourself in a Hogwarts' house already. And if not, well, go visit Pottermore.com now and sort yourself into a house, then come back here. If you turned out Gryffindor, then you're in for a treat because today I'm gonna be sharing 5 book recommendation that … Continue reading Gryffindor-friendly Books

Adaptations? These books might be good in Cinemas and TV. Check out the list.

5 Books I Kinda Want to See as Movies

Hi Blisses, I'm making this post with dread. Haha. Why? I'll get into it later. But first, let me thank the wonderful Shanah from The Bionic Bookworm for hosting Top Five Tuesday. She comes up with these topics every month. 🙂 This is an amazing topic, indeed, still, like I said, I'm making this post with … Continue reading 5 Books I Kinda Want to See as Movies

82 ARCs I’ve Read This Year (Blogmas #23)

Hi Blisses, Wow! The title blew me away. 82 ARCs is beyond my expectation and I'm proud of it. So I decided to share this milestone to you as part of my #Blogmas series. So back in January I joined this reading challenge called 2018 Netgalley and Edelweiss Reading Challenge. It's very obvious what the challenge … Continue reading 82 ARCs I’ve Read This Year (Blogmas #23)