Day-A-Thon Wrap-Up (May 2020) #24HourReadathon

Hi Blisses, Our Day-A-Thon is once again a success. As you all know, Nori from Diary of a Book Fiend and I do a 24-Hour Readathon every last weekend of the month. It always starts at 8 p.m. Friday, and ends at the same time the next day. It's Saturday night now and our readathon … Continue reading Day-A-Thon Wrap-Up (May 2020) #24HourReadathon

Day-A-Thon May 2020 (#24HourReadathon)

Hi guys, Nori from Diary of a Book Fiend and I decided to have our Day-A-Thon again. First of all, what is Day-A-Thon? Day-A-Thon is our version of a 24-Hour Readathon. Supposedly, we do it every last weekend of the month but sometimes we're both busy, we skip a month or two. Which is fine, because … Continue reading Day-A-Thon May 2020 (#24HourReadathon)

Hour Twelve (Day-A-Thon February 2020)

Hi Blisses, Okay, it's actually hour 14 now but I didn't make a banner for Hour 14 so let's just pretend it's only Hour 12. So what now... Last night I finished "Serpent and Dove" and wow, people. I shouldn't have waited this long to read it. I love it so much. Whenever I feature … Continue reading Hour Twelve (Day-A-Thon February 2020)

Hour Zero + TBR (Day-A-Thon February 2020)

Hi Blisses, It's time guys. As you all know Nori and I are doing our Day-A-Thon tonight/today. Day-A-Thon is our own version of a 24-Hour Readathon and if you want to know more about it or you want to join us, you can visit THIS POST. It's officially 8 p.m. where I am so it … Continue reading Hour Zero + TBR (Day-A-Thon February 2020)