What I Say When I’m Not Speaking

People suffering any mental issues, especially depression would totally relate to this post but I, if possible, want people who are mentally okay to read(and understand) this. This happens to me once in a while. I don't speak a word for hours and people can count the words I utter in the entire day. Some … Continue reading What I Say When I’m Not Speaking

First Memory of Guilt

I was five.  Too young maybe to feel such huge heavy remorse that is guilt. But even as a young kid, my emotions and way of thinking were a bit more serious and advance than normal. I'm not bragging because looking back now, I must say, I'm not anymore surprised or wondering why I became … Continue reading First Memory of Guilt

WWW Wednesday #5

This weekly meme is hosted by Sam of Taking on a World of Words. I'm really enjoying this meme and I encourage everyone to hop in. 🙂 Everyone can participate by posting a link on Sam’s post this week or you can just answer the questions. Plus, Sam and all other participants are really nice and friendly. Sadly, though, … Continue reading WWW Wednesday #5

The Summer Book Tag

I was tagged by another amazing book blogger, Mischenko@readrantrockandroll.com to do the SUMMER BOOK TAG. Thank you Mischenko. And though summer's long gone in the Philippines, where I live, I still want to do this tag because it seems like so much fun. I love doing tags and my Bookstagram account is a big proof of that. 🙂 So … Continue reading The Summer Book Tag