Unforgettable Parables from My Friend Jesus (Blogmas #5)

Hi Blisses, I have a friend and his name is Jesus. I'm sure you've heard of him and his upcoming birthday. 🙂 And for the 5th day of #Blogmas, I'm sharing a bit about him. Jesus likes telling stories, weird stories, that's more like riddles to me. 😂😂  Anyway, I decided to share some of … Continue reading Unforgettable Parables from My Friend Jesus (Blogmas #5)

Quirky December (Blogmas #2)

Hi Blisses, Yes, I just called you Blisses. From now on, that's the endearment I'm gonna use addressing you all. I'm also trademarking the term. Hahahahaha!!!! It's Day #2 of Blogmas 2018 and for today, I decided to talk about some bits of self-love. Christmas is a season of giving, but so many times, we … Continue reading Quirky December (Blogmas #2)

The Summer Book Tag

I was tagged by another amazing book blogger, Mischenko@readrantrockandroll.com to do the SUMMER BOOK TAG. Thank you Mischenko. And though summer's long gone in the Philippines, where I live, I still want to do this tag because it seems like so much fun. I love doing tags and my Bookstagram account is a big proof of that. 🙂 So … Continue reading The Summer Book Tag